How can I live without waste

How does a life go without waste?

Carla Opetnik has been living according to the “zero waste” principle for three years: refuse (refuse), reduce (reduce), reuse (reuse), recycle (recycle) and red (compost). A major concern for her is the reduction of plastic packaging for food.

NZZ Bellevue: A life without garbage, is that even possible?

Carla Opetnik: Without it, no. Food at the open counter must be packed due to the Swiss Food Act. And at the post office, for example, you have to pull out a slip of paper with the number in order to be served. Events that I cannot influence. But every month I only fill one glass jar with a diameter of about 20 centimeters with non-organic waste.

What was the biggest change?

The organization. I always have a bag with a vessel, cutlery and a drinking bottle.

What tips for beginners do you have for a zero waste life?

Many often drink coffee, tea, or juice a day. You should use a reusable cup or an empty config jar and have the bakery give you the croissant that you eat immediately. And: I'm a fan of vegetable subscriptions. The fresh products are delivered to your home directly from the farmer or from the market in a recyclable cardboard box.

Do you also produce certain things yourself?

Yes, my blush is made from beetroot powder, the deodorant is made from oil and a pinch of baking powder. And I brush my teeth with a mixture of oil and activated charcoal.