Are Marines or SEALs tougher

Keyword: The elite units of the USA: Delta Force, Navy Seals or Green Berets

The ARMY RANGERS are considered to be the spearhead of the army's commandos and are among the first to be sent into battle. Attack-like paratrooper missions, for example against enemy airfields, are just as strong as night operations and ambushes. Since the Vietnam War, the Rangers have been involved in almost all major clashes.

The GREEN BERETS are specialists in education. The scouts, who mostly operate in small groups, should be able to operate undetected deep in the enemy hinterland. The men speak at least one foreign language and are specially trained in the fight against terrorism.

The DELTA FORCE, formed in 1977, is considered the army's most secret special unit. The men are considered close combat specialists and specialize in the fight against terrorism, the rescue of hostages and reconnaissance. Together with the rangers, the Delta Force fighters experienced a fiasco in 1993 when they attempted to arrest a Somali warlord.

The NAVY SEALS (for sea, air, land) are the special forces of the Navy. The fighters, trained under the toughest conditions, start their operations from small ships and submarines or jump into their target area with parachutes. The forerunners of the Seals were the "Frogmen" (frogmen) who prepared the landing of the Allies in Normandy during the Second World War.

Despite their large number of around 170,000 men, the MARINES, also known as LEATHER NACKETS, see themselves as elite soldiers. The troops, which act simultaneously as land, sea and air forces, have all kinds of heavy equipment. Under the motto "semper fidelis" (always faithful), the marines fought as early as the First World War.

The CIA has also acquired a secret army, the "Special Operations Group" (SOG). The small force has all kinds of weapons, including the satellite-controlled "Predator" drone. (Apa)

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