How do I manually sync an iPod

Set up synchronization

You can configure your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to sync automatically or manually.

  • Automatic sync: Sync your entire iTunes library or select specific items to sync. Every time you connect your device, iTunes automatically updates the device to reflect any changes to your library since the last sync. Your device can only auto-sync with one iTunes library at a time.

  • Manual sync: Manually drag items onto your device.

With any synchronization method, you can fill free space on your device with randomly selected songs by using the Auto-Fill feature.

You can change your sync settings at any time while the device is connected to your computer.

Select objects to synchronize automatically

  1. Connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer and select your device.

  2. Choose what types of media to sync.

    The objects that can be synchronized depend on the device used. For more information, see Sync and manage iOS apps and add photos to your iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

  3. Select the Synchronize check box, then select the items that you want to be synchronized automatically once you are connected to the device.

    The bar at the bottom of the window shows how much space remains on your device after syncing.

  4. Click Apply when the synchronization is ready.

Tip: If you never want certain items to be synchronized, uncheck the relevant checkboxes in your iTunes library and select the option "Sync only checked items" in the "Overview" area.

You can automatically sync your iTunes library across multiple devices and use different settings for each device.

CAUTION: If you remove a synced item from your library, the item will also be removed from your device the next time you sync it.

Synchronize device manually

If you use manual sync, you can sync items from multiple iTunes libraries to your iPod. (Devices such as iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad can only sync with an iTunes library.)

You can manually sync music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and iTunes U lectures. Photos and other information (contacts, calendar, bookmarks, etc.) cannot be synchronized manually.

  1. Connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer and select your device.

  2. Click on “Overview” and select “Manually manage music and videos” (under “Options”).

  3. Click the On This Device button.

  4. On the right side of the iTunes window, click Add To .

  5. Drag the items you want on the left of the iTunes window to the area on the right. To add other types of content, choose a category from the Library pop-up menu.

  6. Then click on “Done”.

If you sync automatically, you can also add items by moving around on your device. To move items to an auto-synced device, follow the instructions above, but skip step 2.

Quickly add an object to a connected device

You can add items to a connected device directly from your iTunes library without using the sync controls.

  1. Move the object (s) to be added.

    An area with a list of connected devices is displayed on the right.

  2. Drag the object onto a device in the list.

Use the Auto-Fill feature to add titles

  1. Connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer and select your device.

  2. Click the On This Device button.

  3. Select Music on the left side of the iTunes window.

  4. From the Auto-Fill pop-up menu at the bottom of the Music section, choose the tracks you want to sync:

  5. Click Settings to adjust the auto-fill settings.

  6. Click OK when you're done.

  7. Click on "Fill automatically".

Each time you use the Auto-Fill feature, iTunes adds different songs to your device.