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Success - a life concept put to the test

A short memorandum on the subject

At first glance, hardly anything seems clearer than success. After all, it is a foundation of our daily actions by which we are constantly measured and by which we measure ourselves. Because at least since early school days, the pursuit of success has moved more and more into the center of one's own life and has become an important part of personal identity. If we are successful, we feel good and we gain reputation. If we fail, the path to a "failed existence" seems only short.

And since everyone was rewarded for success and punished for failure at the beginning of their life in the early childhood development phase, success has also become an inseparable part of one's own thinking, feeling and acting psychologically.

Success, which derives from the word “to be done”, always prevails when - according to Wikipedia - “people or associations of people achieve the set goals”. Which means that success is, by definition, inextricably linked to the achievement of goals.

Logically, most people define success as “the achievement of a goal” and / or an associated “reward or recognition”.

In many companies it is even the case that even successful goal retention in difficult times no longer triggers a tired smile. Here one speaks of success only when surpluses and profits are generated. In whatever way.

Even before the global lockdown, globalization and technology made the market and economy increasingly hard, inhospitable and difficult, which also had a noticeably sensitive effect on the ever lower probability of success of projects.

To put it simply, it was already harder and harder to be successful at all before Corona. With all related problems, difficulties, unpleasant consequences and consequences. For individuals as well as for companies.

It happened more and more often that the economic success of an SME company threatened to turn into a tremendous game, the outcome of which was or still is uncertain, despite the best of intentions and preparations.

If the SME entrepreneur then identified himself with the success of his company (and which entrepreneur is not?), His quality of life quickly sank below an acceptable limit, which makes future success seem as good as hopeless.

Everyone likes to picture themselves or has already experienced where such a vicious circle can lead in the end.

The virus broke this vicious circle for just about everyone for a moment, and most are now hoping that "normal life" can now be resumed - whatever that means for the individual.

The emphasis is on "hope" because ultimately nobody can say how long it will take or whether it will ever become "normal" again. If even the largest traditional companies get into trouble, it is to be feared that completely new times with completely new challenges may come our way.

Now at the latest it would be time - and that is often part of my work in individual coaching with entrepreneurs and top managers - to rethink and perhaps redesign the personal definition of success. Recall that goal achievement or recognition as classic attributes of success lost their validity even before the crisis and more and more often caused more harm than good. Damage to the environment and, more importantly, damage to yourself.

Now is the time to focus less on the quantity and more on the quality of success.

After all, success is also a feeling that is as exhilarating as it is motivating.

Only that happiness and motivation are no longer to be sought and can be found in the achievement of material goals, but rather in immaterial values.

If someone does what he loves (or at least what gives him the greatest possible pleasure) and thereby possibly benefits other people or is of service, in the end, his success cannot be prevented at all. Not only in the immaterial (joy, quality of life but also in the material sense).

That sounds very simple and in individual cases it is sometimes so infinitely difficult. Because all the worries, needs and fears will not go away on their own.

A realignment may even result in drastic steps and measures, because one realizes that old ways no longer work.

If you now focus on success as a motivating feeling and if you have the courage to always orient yourself towards it in your decisions and activities, the way is free for new things and you are open to new opportunities that life will always have in abundance in the future.

Author: Frank Goffin, Executive Head Coach

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