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Conjugation of regular verbs

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See, accept, accept, accept, accept, promise, strike, put away, accept, heed, absorb, accept, acknowledge
add, add, add, add, add, add, add, add, add, add, add, add on, steer in, add, add, add, add, add, add, na
admit, allow, let in, take in, let in, allow, admit, admit, confess, offer space
Recommend, advise, advise, communicate, suggest, advise, give advice, notify, advise, instruct, inform, instruct, advise
prepare, approve, offer, donate, grant
accept, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, be of one opinion
allow, approve, enable, allow, grant, allow, admit, allow, permit, confirm, admit, acknowledge sth
cheer, entertain, amuse, amuse, amuse
dismantle, analyze, examine, dissect, critically examine, treat psychoanalytically, structure
register, announce, announce, announce, announce, call through, announce, announce, announce, announce, announce, announce, announce, announce, announce, announce, advertise, explain, announce, pass on, display
annoy, upset, annoy, arouse, fox, annoy, annoy, annoy, annoy, irritate, irritate, bully
answer, reply, counter, counter, answer, decrease, report, correspond, suffice, answer to, respond to, fulfill, hear, deliver
emerge, appear, appear, act, appear, come out, appear, drive out, break through, adjust, join in, present, show, shine, act, show oneself, come out, step in, appear, play
praise, acclaim, acknowledge, applaud, clap, applaud, approve, applaud
appreciate, appreciate, appreciate, appreciate, greet, appreciate, appreciate, be grateful, understand, consider, appreciate, be aware, appreciate, honor, understand, correctly assess, enjoy, acknowledge, Gefa
accept, approve, approve, approve, establish, approve, accept, advocate, consider to be good, approve, approve, acknowledge, praise
expound, argue, dispute, discuss, discuss, bring forward, assert, argue, argue, argue, argue
agree, agree, arrange, thread, arrange, stand, arrange, set up, sort, agree, arrange, shape, accomplish, set up, group, agree, arrange, add, align, mediate, create, in order
stop, capture, arrest, prevent, arrest, inhibit, shackle, curb, hold up, arrest, capture, dock, fascinate, excite, confiscate, bring to a standstill, suffer a cardiac arrest
Arrive, come in, come, arrive, join in, join in, arrive, arrive, arrive, come in, come in, adjust, come in, land, arrive, make it
inquire, inquire, ask, ask, ask, request, prompt, demand, demand, expect, request, approach, question, invite
attach, attach, pin, attach, fasten, pin, fasten, attach, add, append, enclose, assign, arrest, seize, attach, assign
attack, attack, attack, attack, approach, accept, strike, occupy, penetrate, proceed against, attack, feud, attack, rush, storm
try, dare, try to attack
visit, participate, serve, go along, attend, look after, care for, treat, do, go, come, take part in, be connected with, emerge from, wait, watch out, be present
attract, attract, lure, tie up, draw in, attract, stimulate, attract, attract
prevent, avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid
support, support, cover, press off, push back, push back, accompany, let go backwards, reset, reset with, endorse, reinforce at the back, reinforce, turn counter-clockwise, counter-clockwise d
Balancing, balancing, balancing, balancing, weighing, keeping the balance, keeping in balance, settling, balancing, balancing, balancing, balancing, being balanced
ban, ban, block, put on the index, ostracize, outlaw
slap, slam, crack, slam, slam, thrash, cut straight, push, bang, boom, clap, shoot, thunder, roar
freeing, bare, undressing, removing, undressing, baring, baring, laying bare, pulling
fight, battle, fight against
Radiate, broadcast, shine, broadcast, radiate, beam
Plead, kneel, beg for, implore, swear, implore, beg, call, beg, make beautiful
perform, behave, behave, employ, appear, move, behave, act, be good, behave
belong, belong, come, come, belong
bleach, bleach, bleach
blink, blink, blink, blink
blot, stain, erase, blot, blot, erase
to show, to boast, to boast, to cut open, to boast, to brag about, to show off, to boast, to boast, bramar-based, to sound, to charcoal
boiling, boiling, boiling over, boiling off, boiling, boiling, boiling, foaming, being very hot
dash, escape, walk through, lock, shoot, run away, lock, jump off, run away, run away, lock, screw, sift, escape with one sentence, scrape
Fail, bomb, bomb, race, bomb, throw bombs
register, arrest, order, pre-order, post, note, reserve, snap, write down, book, miss a ticket, warn, engage, oblige, register, document
drill in, drill out, pierce, drill
borrow, borrow, borrow, borrow, borrow, borrow, borrow, borrow, pump, take over, take out credit
jump, kick out, hop, bounce, hop, jump up, let jump up, sit in the air, bump, burst
bend, bow, stroke, bow, bow down, bow, bow, serve, bow
Wrap up, wrap up, beat
jump, branch, branch
injure, squeeze, scratch, crush, bounce, take away, get bruises
brush, sweep, clean, paint on, brush out, brush on, sweep, paint on, brush on, brush, briefly touch, strip, coat, brush off
Hit, bang, bump, bump, bump, plop, rumble, hit, hop, swing
bury, bury, bury, bury, hide, bury, bury, bury, bury, scratch in, spill, bury, cover
whirring, humming, humming, buzzing, whirring, calling, flying close by, hissing close by, buzzing, whizzing, calling with the buzzer, calling
calculate, calculate, calculate, calculate, calculate, calculate, plan, determine, calculate, mean, estimate
calling, calling, calling, calling, ringing, ringing, calling, calling, calling, scolding, waking up, saying, calling, calling, calling, naming, writing out, calling, announcing, calling out, scheduling, alerting, calling up, calling, contact
camp, camp, camp, camp, camp