Can you explain LinkedIn's geographic advertising targeting?

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LinkedIn is one of the largest social networks and belongs to the top 20 most visited websites worldwide. It is that with 364 million registered users in over 200 countries largest business network for now. The users use the platform to establish new business relationships and to maintain existing ones. 4 million companies have their own website and that is also proof that LinkedIn is a growing and interesting platform for advertisers too. The platform has received a lot of popularity, especially in German-speaking countries. In the DACH region alone, the platform has reached the 6 million mark. Active interactions with customers and sharing of interesting content are used via the platform. LinkedIn offers the possibility of tailoring advertising campaigns to the target group and linking advertising messages and even job advertisements to them. You can use it to promote your brand. Generate leads and develop further relationships for your business.

Your advantages

You can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Increase reach, awareness and awareness nationally and internationally,
  • a serious campaign environment with well-funded decision-makers and multipliers from business,
  • on precise target group definitions through targeting options,
  • targeting options based on real data,
  • low wastage due to targeted alignment of the advertisements,
  • Agency advantage with strategic advice and experience from successful projects. You can use these advantages. We give you full support for all aspects of advertising campaigns and management on LinkedIn.


In our onboarding, the process of creating an ad consists of 4 steps:

  • According to our agreement, we create advertising campaigns for you,
  • We coordinate the campaign goals with you, determine the type of ad based on targeting options and define your target groups,
  • We monitor and optimize ad performance,
  • We provide reporting on campaign performance and use the existing data to optimize further measures.


Conception of the campaign:

Our services include:

  • the briefing with your company's advisor,
  • Defining your campaign goals and choosing the type of ad,
  • Optimizing your ads for candidate search and customer generation,
  • Narrow down your target groups with targeting options.

Optionally, you can instruct us to create a LinkedIn profile as a basic profile if you do not yet have a LinkedIn account.

There are 2 types of ad available for ad campaigns.
On the one hand, there are the advertisements with the following options:

  • Text ads with video or image on the sidebar,
  • Creation of the advertisement in 17 languages,
  • Placement options for the text ad: start page, profile page, search results page, groups,
  • Billing via CPC, price per click, or CPM, price per 1,000 impressions,
  • Targeting options according to demographic and geographical criteria, industry, career level, company size, area of ​​activity, training center, company or group name as well as members with similarities to the target group.


On the other hand, content can be sponsored: This includes

  • Placement: share content on the LinkedIn homepage via newsfeed,
  • Users can like, comment and share posts, which increases the reach,
  • Selection company updates and direct sponsored content,
  • Billing via price per click, CPC, or price per 1,000 impressions, CPM,
  • Targeting according to geographical and demographic criteria, by industry, by career level, company size, area of ​​activity. Training institution, company or group name as well as members who are similar to their own target groups.


Creation of the advertising campaign

Our experts create the advertisements in consultation with your company. You will receive a briefing for the creation of the image material. Our team creates the campaign for you and writes the advertisement variants. We align the campaigns according to the target groups and manage everything.

Optimization and monitoring of the display performance

Your ads will be continuously monitored and optimized during the campaign period. Ads that are performing better will be promoted, while the poorer ones will be paused.

Reporting of campaign performance

At the end of the campaign, we create a report on its performance on a monthly basis. This reporting includes:

  • possible key figures,
  • Number of impressions,
  • Number of clicks,
  • Click rate,
  • Number of leads (customer inquiries, downloads, purchases, résumés),
  • average cost per click.