Does Amazon Echo work in Jamaica

Sixt advertises Alexa Skill with a swipe at Hertz - but the counterattack sits

Sixt has uploaded a motif on its Facebook page that shows the Amazon Echo device on the right-hand side, which has integrated the Alexa voice control software. "Book your car" reads below. On the left side you can see a visibly annoyed woman with the yellow logo of the Sixt rival Hertz on her lapel, underneath the sentence: "Asks a lot of questions". Sixt also chases the post as an advertisement through the Facebook newsfeed. However, Sixt has caught a quite charming and above all apt counterattack: Under the Sixt motif, Hertz posted a picture of the fictional employee "ALEXAndra". This of course asks a lot of questions, it says on the motif. It is suggested that this is the job of an employee at a car rental company. You can also read there: "Works WITHOUT battery and electricity" and "Listen to you because she wants to". In addition, Hertz posted: “We prefer to speak personally to our customers!” Hertz made the social media duel at least a draw. However, it remains to be seen how successful Sixt actually is with its Alexa skill. As the company reports, customers can tell Alexa the rental station they want, the date of rental and return and the time, and can also choose the right car for their needs from an existing vehicle pool.

"Voice applications - so-called Voice User Interfaces - are rapidly gaining in importance for our customers," says Sixt Sales Director Konstantin Sixt. "As a premium service provider and innovation leader in car rental, we recognized this development at an early stage and offer our customers the right Amazon Alexa Skill. This is another example of how we can further develop our services based on customer needs and thus the highest possible degree of flexibility and Offer comfort. " Irishman