Who is the dirtiest NFL player right now?

NFL player

The football giants are back in action!

The “Vollmer and Kuhn Show” is the NFL podcast on BILD. Every week the German ex-NFL professionals Sebastian Vollmer (35 / two-time Super Bowl champion) and Markus Kuhn (33 / only German with a touchdown) talk about the hottest topics in the billion-dollar league.

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In the new episode of the "Vollmer and Kuhn" show, the two NFL insiders talk about ...

... Patriots legend Tom Brady (42) - and how he keeps his colleagues' buttocks away!

... the unknown but cheeky quarterback Kyle Allen (23 / Carolina Panthers), who allowed himself a tip against superstar and teammate Cam Newton (30).

... Oakland's brutal linebacker Vontaze Burfict (29), the dirtiest player in the NFL!

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