What is the official religion of China

Religion in China is a matter of spirituality

A brief overview of the religions practiced here

Five religions have official status in China: Taoism, gods and ancestors, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. Woe to other religions that want to develop here. Among them, animism-based Falun Gong is increasingly suppressed.

Religious movements are indeed heavily controlled in this country. You cannot practice an "illegal" religion. Hence, travelers are often amazed when they see it Watch religious groups demonstrate in the streets of Hong Kong.

Musiciens dans la cour d'un temple @Didier Deshayes

Places of worship such as temples are scattered across the country. One can go there to pray and discover ingrained belief systems. Buddhism and Taoism each have 185 million followers, Confucianism: 932 million! The numbers express the immense influence of Confucius in Asia.

But its influence isn't just religious: this is also about Spirituality and the art of living, not so much strict adherence to regulations. A bit boldly one could compare his influence with that of Plato in the west. The Chinese philosopher is the founder of both a moral and a social teaching. At that time he wanted to counter the intellectual decadence.

In the evening everyone goes to the temple to burn incense. The Chinese pay homage to their ancestors and pray for a better life. If you are used to practicing these rituals, just do it like them: it is a nice experience.

France in China: in the footsteps of the missionaries

Following the traces of the French presence in a foreign country has a peculiar charm, especially for travelers from France. Near the Lancang River in Cizhong, Yunnan Province, there is a relic of a building that a French missionary built in the mid-nineteenth century. It is a Catholic Church with familiar features. It was burned down during the xenophobic movement in 1905 and rebuilt in the 1920s. Visitors will be amazed to find Tibetan believers there today.

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Updated November 16, 2015