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8 specific expert roles for successful AI projects

Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains one of the most future-oriented fields in IT today and in the future. Robots and intelligent software are doing more and more tasks that were previously reserved for humans. That promises shorter response times, more customer satisfaction, new opportunities and more profit. The implementation of AI and of Machine learning is challenging. Specialists are needed so that innovation becomes corporate success at the same time.

Here are the 8 indispensable AI or AI expert roles:

• AI researchers
They determine what is required of the end user or of the company and its employees. Which functions and processes can be implemented in order to use new, previously unrecognized possibilities? Or to accelerate existing processes or to make them easier to use? Through sales research, AI researchers recognize what customers want today and in the future.

• Data Scientist
Data scientists lay the foundations for the next steps. Because AI development and practical implementation can only succeed if the database has been thoroughly checked and structured.

• AI software developers and programmers
You create the software requirements. Especially in sensitive industries and service providers, such as banks, insurance companies, medicine and medical services and in research, the solutions should better be implemented by experienced experts. If this is outsourced to large software development houses, source codes are used that are in a "black box", possibly abroad.

• AI change manager
Artificial intelligence intervenes deeply in the processes of the company using it. This change must be lived and communicated. It is particularly important to involve the employees, who turn from brakes to accelerators in projects.

• User Experience Designer
Artificial intelligence asserts itself when the users (consumers or professional users) are really relieved and benefit. Operation must be logical and simple. Results must be presented clearly and as appealingly as possible.

• Project manager
Artificial intelligence and its use in practice are extremely complex. AI project managers maintain an overview and motivate the experts from the various IT disciplines who are working on a project. They are also indispensable for integrating the resulting AI solutions into the operational process and into the overall company structure.

• Subject matter experts
With all the experts, the client must never lose sight of one thing: It is always about a specific topic. The AI ​​developers and designers need the feedback and the watchful eye of at least one specialist who accompanies the project both critically and promotionally.

• Business economists who correctly assess the opportunities
They recognize the potential and make it possible to promote and "sell" artificial intelligence internally and externally.

Are you planning AI projects or are you already in the process of implementing them?

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