Has Russia disconnected RuNet from the Internet

Sovereign Internet: Russia separates from the global Internet

Russia's operation "Sovereign Internet“(RuNet) goes into the next round. On December 23, the whole of Russia is to be completely separated from the global Internet for a large-scale test. All Russian communication operators, messengers and e-mail providers as well as government institutions and security services must take part in this test.

Operation "Sovereign Internet"

Full government control over the Internet. That is the goal of RuNet. As early as May, Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced a new law to implement an independent Russian Internet under complete state control.

Putin considers the law, which came into force on November 1, to be necessary for national security. The law is used by many in response to that of Russia as "aggressive“Designated United States National Cybersecurity Strategy. As early as September, the first network providers in the Siberian city of Tyumen began to introduce so-called DPI filtration. The DPI filtration should finally enable Russia to block unpleasant services such as Telegram.

Full control over Russian cyberspace

Sovereign Internet. With the gradual decoupling from the worldwide Internet, Russia would like to take the next step on Monday, December 23rd. According to internal documents, the aim of the test is to ensure that data can still be sent between Russian Internet users without any problems. At the same time, the state authorities also want to make sure that all communications with foreign computers are blocked.

At his annual press conference on Thursday, President Vladimir Putin stated:

Free internet and sovereign internet - these terms do not contradict each other. The new law you mentioned is only aimed at preventing the adverse consequences of global disconnection from the global network, which is largely controlled from abroad. This is exactly what sovereignty is about - our resources can be activated so that we are not cut off from the Internet " (Wladimir Putin)

A spokesman for the Russian ministry also stated that this test did notessential“Should have an impact on normal Internet users.

Sovereign Internet: China's firewall soon also in Russia?

In addition to protection against possible foreign hacker attacks, Russia is striving for a completely different goal by isolating itself from the rest of the Internet, according to Futurezone magazine. Similar to China's firewall, they want to create their own system, which will allow the country to decouple itself from the rest of the world’s Internet in the long term.

From 2020 the government wants to be able to handle all traffic via the local infrastructure. However, critics of RuNet also see the new law as a "Cornerstone“For even more censorship and surveillance in Russia. A very extensive and thorough data retention should also be part of the new Sovereign Internet Act.

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