What is the future of depression treatment

Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Inpatient depression treatment

The treatment of depression is one of the main focuses of the clinic. About 40% of all patients in our clinic suffer from depression.

Specialized stations are station 5 (main station for the treatment of affective disorders), station 4 for older patients and station 7 for privately insured patients.

Admission - investigation of physical causes

After your admission, detailed discussions with the attending physician and psychologist will determine the medical history as well as the biographical background, inquire about previous treatments and determine the further course of action in the clinic. With the help of a thorough physical examination as well as blood draws, EEG and often an imaging of the brain, possible physical causes of depression are clarified.

Basic treatment

The treatment of depression is based on two pillars:

  • With individual drug therapy, attempts are made to shorten the episode of the disease and prevent the disease from recurring in the future.
  • At the same time, special psychotherapeutic methods are used to understand the historical roots of depression and to change thought and behavior patterns that favor depression.
    For this purpose, psychotherapy procedures are used that have been specially developed to treat depression. In the case of acute and recurring depression, these are IPT (interpersonal therapy) and CBASP (cognitive behavioral analysis system of psychotherapy) for chronic courses.

Regular offers for talks

During your stay you will receive daily visits and several one-on-one meetings per week. There are also group meetings.

Nursing staff are available around the clock to deal with your problems and help you cope with illness and structure your day.

Artistic therapies

Occupational therapy plays an important role in the daily routine.
A number of artistic and creative offers are available to you (design therapy, wood workshop, studio, museum project, radio project, music therapy).

Sports therapy

Sports activities serve to maintain and improve physical performance (walking, sports groups, physiotherapy, dance and movement, boxing).

Help with problems

If necessary, social workers will take care of questions relating to the housing situation, the workplace or dealing with authorities.
You are accommodated in a modern, renovated clinic on the outskirts of Freiburg city center next to the Botanical Garden. Many patients find the atmosphere in the wards and the contact with people who are affected by the same illness particularly helpful.

Up to date

The Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy is part of the Freiburg University Clinic and offers therapy for depression on the cutting edge of science in dialogue with intensive research efforts carried out by many of the clinic's staff.