What are the web design trends 2015

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The top 10 web design trends of 2015

1. Responsive is a must!
Responsive has become the standard in web design in recent years. Not least because of the steadily increasing number of mobile users. Ascending trend!

2. Ghost buttons
The bigger and more memorable the button, the higher the click rate? Up to now, buttons have presented themselves as outstanding objects within web design. In 2015 it can be done in a more subtle way. Apple is leading the way and we are all doing it - ghost buttons are conquering web design.

3. Focus on the typography
In terms of typography, user-friendly legibility has so far been the focus, design behavior was secondary. In 2015, typography was rediscovered in web design and presented as the icing on the cake, clearly an indispensable design element.

4. Large, Beautiful Background Images & Videos
Appear strong and elegant and make a concise statement. This works best with brilliant, large-scale images and videos. No wonder this trend has taken hold.

5. Scrolling Over Clicking
Scrolling, zooming, swiping - in the last three years alone the number of mobile users has increased by almost 50%. In order to do justice to this inevitable trend, the Parallax design was developed. This trend continues. Scrolling still precedes clicking.

6. Card Design Will Continue
Card design isn't new, Pinterest has been using it for years. It's great for keeping things modular or rearranging things without slowing down data speeds. In addition, this design animates the user to scroll to discover more. There will definitely be more of these in 2015.

7. Flat design grows into material design
Flat design has also been around for a number of years. But in contrast to some entertaining trends, this trend has established itself and developed further. To material design. It is already hyped by Google as THE new design for the mobile user. The flat design with its subtle color gradients, layers and animations creates the feeling of a material world. (Physical space and objects). It will be exciting to see how this trend will develop.

8. Microinteractions
The beautiful word interaction is already in the word. User experiences are in the foreground in 2015. What are microinteractions? There are moments or experiences within a product page such as the popping up of a box in which the e-mail address for a special add-on (PDF download, newsletter, competition, special offers or an information package) is requested. And all for what? To increase user interaction.

9. Interactive storytelling
Interactive storytelling is a very elegant trend. Of course, this doesn't mean that every page has to tell a story. It's more about the look, the values ​​and beliefs of the brand, which should also be reflected in the website. A big trend!

10. Personalized UX
Cookies. When you hear this word, the user thinks of clearing the cache rather than a positive user experience. The new trend is now to use cookies to bring really relevant content closer to the user. So z. B. Youtube and some renowned shopping portals with their "recently viewed" tool bar.

We have put together the top 10 web design trends for 2015 for you. You can get an overview with current examples by downloading the free PDF.



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