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Reality Show Idea: Let Flat Earthers Search for the Edge of the World

Participants would try to reach the end of the world as they understand it.

  • According to Flat-Earthers, our planet is flat and space travel does not take place.
  • People are calling for a reality show about flat-earthers.
  • Flat-earthers say that a 150-foot wall of ice surrounds the world.

With all of the fake news, government sponsored misinformation, and the explosion of conspiracy theories bombarding us daily, it's no surprise that there seem to be a growing number of Flat-Earthers. When you start to doubt the reality and soundness of the institutions around you, it almost seems justified not to be sure whether the earth is flat or round. That said, there is strong demand (online at least) for a reality show about flat-earthers looking for the edge of the world.

Ah. And what could our time mean even better?

Their basic flat earth belief system often comes from biblical references, such as one that apparently mentions a giant tree that is supposed to be visible from every corner of the earth - at its 'furthest limits'. If the planet were spherical it would not be possible as long as a flat earth allows for such a scenario. Other beliefs that go with it include claiming that gravity is not real and that a game of Thrones -like ice wall surrounds the edge of the disc-like earth. This wall is Antarctica, while the Arctic Circle is the center of the disk. If you go over the wall, you will fall into space or land on an infinite level. But as the Flat Earth Society website admits, 'To the best of our knowledge, no one was very far behind the ice wall and returned to tell of their journey.'

captain dave 'captain america' mcgraw

First of all, according to the Flat-Earthers, the 150-foot wall is guarded by NASA. The agency's real mission is to keep the truth away from ordinary citizens while being an embezzlement front and faking space travel.

While these beliefs are certainly not supported by the abundant evidence to the contrary provided by people who have witnessed the planet's curvature from above - or those who have been to Antarctica - the number of flat-earthers is likely to increase. According to a 2018 poll, about a third of millennials are willing to have doubts about the roundness of the earth. Not all of them believe that the planet is flat, but it is easy to imagine their ranks expanding as such memes, due to their size and intellectual frivolity, tend to attract new converts. A clear catalyst for the resurgence of this idea was certainly the Internet.

An animation of the day / night cycle according to Flat Earth Theory over a period of 24 hours.

Photo credit: Flat Earth Society.

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The net, in its infinite wisdom, keeps a powerful meme alive. When this happens, the desire to see a reality show about flat-earthers looking for the edge of the world keeps popping up on popular Reddit threads, resulting in thousands of upvotes and comments. Of course, for many, the impetus for this show rests on the hope that Flat-Earthers will fail spectacularly.

One such thread suggests that it would be 'fun' to 'give them access to a helicopter, boats, transportation, and flights to find the end of the world'. And then, suggests user 'Pilotavery', the participants or 'Flerfers' should be tricked into telling the organizers where they want to go. Believing this would dampen their enthusiasm, the poster adds, "I wonder how long it will be before they give up." On the other hand, the poster thinks it's 'fun to see how frustrated you get'.

We should fund a reality TV show and fund flat earth dwellers in search of the end of the world. by r / flatearth

Another idea is to have a voting component for the show, with 'the most trustworthy' flat-earthers being sent to the International Space Station to see the truth for yourself.

It is certainly amusing, but there is clearly a danger that such a show will be set up to ridicule the participants, especially if you think they will not find the edge of the world. The benefit for flat-earthers could be an opportunity to share their beliefs with millions through television while trying to prove their theory to be correct. Maybe they can make everyone else look silly by actually finding a wall of ice at the end of the world. Don't you want to see this to find out?

In any case, there is currently no such show. But Hollywood, if you are reading this, the internet wants what the internet wants. Make it happen.