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Vampirism (skyrim)

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"Being a vampire keeps you amazing ... fresh."

vampirism is a syndrome in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which appears after three days of infection with the Sanguinare Vampiris disease. Weakened by sunlight, feared by mortals and known for their notorious thirst for blood, the vampires go out of their way to hide their existence from mortals.

In Skyrim Vampires acquire special skills, depending on their level. To compensate for this advantage, vampires have an increasing weakness towards fire and sunlight. With vampirism one can infect oneself infinitely often and also heal again and again. Falion, Morthal's “miracle healer”, only needs a filled black soul stone to cure vampirism.

Vampirism has four different levels. The level increases the longer the vampire has not fed on blood. One can feed on sleeping people in order to keep the level as low as possible. If feeding on one person is seen by others, it is considered a crime and will be passed on to the nearest guard. This results in an increase of the bounty by 40 sevenths in the respective principality. This crime cannot be overturned with sevenths or a time in prison. As soon as the fourth level of vampirism is reached, mortals can more easily detect a vampire, which will be attacked directly on sight. Mortals who discover a vampire will attack it until it escapes or dies.

Dawnguard adds the Vampire Lord ability and eleven perks that can be unlocked by leveling up. The Dragonborn can unlock this talent tree by joining Lord Harkon and the Volkihar clan, thereby helping to carry out the prophecy of the tyranny of the sun, which is written in the scrolls of the ancients. However, the Dragonborn can also become a Vampire Lord after joining Twilight's Watch. It just has to ask Serana for that. Unlocking the eleven perks leads to an achievement or a trophy.

Sanguine vampiris

Sanguine vampiris is a disease that may develop into vampirism. It is typically transmitted through physical attacks by vampires or through their "vampiric deprivation of life" spell. There is a 10% chance of infection in a Vampiric Lifesteal attack.

If none of the healing methods are used within three days, the disease will develop into full vampirism, which will result in some useful and beneficial properties. When feeding on blood, the disease remains under control and the disadvantages of the disease remain minor.

InDawnguard Drinking at the blood fountain in the red water spring also enables infection with the disease.

Console commands

Sanguine vampiris

With the command you get infected with Sanguinare Vampiris. Since there is only a 10% chance of being infected, you may have to use this command several times.


In the PC version of Skyrim it is possible to become infected with vampirism without being "bitten" or having to go through the stages. You have to open the console with the "^" key and enter it, confirm this with Enter. Now you replace that with one of the ten possible "races". For "Mer" races (Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer and Orsimer) the full race name must be entered. For example: if you want to become a Bosmer vampire, you write:. If you enter a race that was not specified during character creation, graphics errors will occur.

Immunity to vampirism

If you are infected with lycanthropy or in beast form, even through the Ring of Hircine, you are completely immune to vampirism. Argonians have a natural resistance to disease and are much more difficult to infect with vampirism than the other races.


Werewolves are immune to vampirism. You can use the console command to be a vampire and a werewolf at the same time. This removes the disease resistance caused by lycanthropy and one can become infected with Sanguinare Vampiris.

There are two ways to go from werewolf to vampire: first, you cure lycanthropy and then get infected, or second, you can transform yourself into a vampire prince.


Vampires are easy to distinguish from uninfected people. The first consequence of vampirism is an increase in paleness on the face. Longer teeth that make it easier for them to feed. Your eye color will change from the middle spectrum of middle hues to a red.

When a person is infected, the skin ages, or in the case of the Khajiit, the coat. The Khajiit's pupils become thinner and they become blade-like. The Argonian scales are increasingly gray in color, depending on the severity of the infection.

Levels of vampirism and their effects

After a vampire has not fed on blood for 24 hours, his level increases by 1. Feeding with blood brings a vampire again and again to level 1. In order to feed, the vampire has to stand or creep (is safer) next to it a sleeping person and then click on them, then a selection display opens with the options "Nourishing" or "Talking". In normal play, people become increasingly hostile towards the vampire or even attack them when they have visual contact. The Dawnguard DLC removes this effect and people treat the starved vampire like any other person.

Effects in all levels

The following effects are available at all levels and are always active:

Weakness to sunlight

Sunlight has an extremely debilitating effect on vampires, so vampires prefer to move at night. Equipment that has an increase in regeneration, the princess stone or a perk that has an increase in regeneration for health, magicka or stamina, enables regeneration regardless of the weakness against sunlight.


To avoid hostility with people, vampires should mostly travel at night and avoid places where an infection of vampirism is instantly detected. Fast travel by sneaking or invisibility acquired through spells is an advantage for avoiding hostility.

One should feed on blood regularly. When a person is asleep, use the "Soothe" spell to keep them from waking up and feed on them.

Because vampirism provides an enhancement to illusionary spells, the use of "appease" can be beneficial so that the person does not attack the vampire. Perks like "Kindred Mage" should be unlocked before the spell attacks people on the expert level.

Effects at every level

In contrast to the permanent effects that exist in each level, these effects change depending on how long the vampire has not been feeding on blood.

stepFrost resistanceWeakness to fireWeakness to sunlight †Vampiric Servant ‡Vampiric Vision§Vampiric pull* Vampiric seduction** Embrace the shadows***
step 1 25% 25% 15 points Creature up to level 6 - 2 points at 5 magicka per second - -
Level 2 50% 50% 30 points Creature up to level 13 - 3 points at 10 magicka per second Creature up to level 10 for 30 seconds -
level 3 75% 75% 45 points Creature up to level 21 - 4 points at 12 magicka per second - -
Level 4 100% 100% 60 points Creature up to level 30 - 5 points at 15 magicka per second - Invisibility and Vampiric Sight for 180 seconds.
  • - "Weakness to Sunlight" - Health, Magicka and Stamina are not regenerated, and Health, Magicka and Stamina are reduced per level.
  • - "Vampiric Servant" - Revives a dead creature and lets it fight for you for 60 seconds. The level for the possible creature increases with the level of the disease. Can only be used once a day.
  • § - "Vampire vision" - Improved vision at night, can be used several times a day and can be switched on and off.
  • * - "Vampiric Pull" - Absorbs a certain number of points of health of the target for one point of magicka; Score and magicka cost increase with disease level.
  • ** - "Vampiric Seduction" - creatures and people stop fighting. If the Dawnguard DLC is installed, this ability can be used to feed.
  • *** - "Embrace of the Shadows" - The vampire becomes invisible and receives vampiric vision. Can be used once a day, invisibility disappears with interaction.

Vampire lord

The Dawnguard DLC fundamentally changes the vampire system in the game. He adds his own talent tree and changes the physical appearance. During the quest Bloodline the Dragonborn must decide who to support: either the Twilight's Watch - or the Volkihar clan, led by Lord Harkon. Joining the Volkihar clan enables the Dragonborn to unlock the Vampire Lord transformation and the eleven additional Vampire Lord abilities. The new abilities include a new "absorb health" spell to heal the vampire lord, a spell to summon gargoyles, and a separate "finishing move" in which the vampire lord wraps his wings around the victim and bites him in the neck.

The cure from vampirism

These are the methods to cure vampirism:

Awakening at Dawn (Quest)

1. You have to go to an inn and ask the landlord about rumors until he starts talking about Falion in Morthal; then the quest "Awakening at Dawn" starts. 2. One must go to Falion in Morthal. He says he can take the curse of vampirism away from you. All he needs is a black soul stone, filled with a soul. (Attention: The black star cannot be used!) 3. Fill the soul stone with a soul using the “soul trap” spell or a soul trap enchantment, then return to Falion and then meet him in the swamp. 4. After a final confirmation, Falion finally frees you from vampirism.


Becoming a werewolf cures vampirism. Aela the Huntress transforms the Dragonborn into a werewolf during the Companion quest line.

Via console command

Another way is to heal from the console using the following commands:

  1. or


Feeding blood from the uninfected lowers the level of vampirism. The level can be reset by feeding on blood.

If you are caught feeding or caught by a guard, this will add 40 to your bounty in the respective principality. There are two methods of vampire feeding:

Methods to nourish oneself

Sleeping people

To nourish yourself from a sleeping person, one only has to creep in and press the interaction button, then a selection field opens with the name of the person and the options “Nourish” and “Pickpocket”. While sewing, the picture turns a pink hue. As soon as the picture returns to normal, a message appears at the top left of the screen when you drink: "Your vampire powers are getting weaker." You can feed on a person as often as you like, and people do not die if you feed on them.

Mind control

The Dawnguard DLC makes it possible to use the spell "Vampire seduction" to make a person willless and to feed on them, even if they are not sleeping. The ability is only available at level 2 of vampirism.

Methods to make feeding easier

  • Feeding spouse at night; Huscarls are also suitable.
  • With the "You have to do something for me" function in the companion menu, simply send the companion to bed to sleep and then feed.
  • Guilds or groups that have nothing against vampire members and that sleep in one place (e.g. Dark Brotherhood or the Academy of Winterhold).
  • In taverns and inns, simply unlock the room doors of sleeping people, go into stealth mode and feed.
  • The Temple of Kynareth is very useful as the wounded soldier and the sick peasant woman are always there: just feed in stealth mode at night.
  • Potions of Blood (only possible with Dawnguard DLC).

Skull of corruption

Very useful because of the dream-gathering function, as victims have to sleep in order to nourish themselves; complements each other ideally.