Can you gargle with peroxide

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Gargle hydrogen peroxide for a sore throat?

I wouldn't use it in any case.
I acutely recommend milk with honey and ACC. Can you take both in the SS.
25.06.2012 13:27
Thank you for your opinions, even if I think that the pharmacist knows for sure what she is giving me, I will not use it. I just tried salt water and of course swallowed myself ...
In concentration you can actually use it carefully, I was instructed.
However, not only are the germs missing in the throat afterwards. This is a final all-round blow, similar to a local antibiotic. The H2O2 doesn't choose what it kills, it just kills everything that's floating around. So gentle is different. If you dilute it too little, the mucous membrane will also come off at the same time.
Somehow reminds me of my grandma, who let me sniff fruit schnapps when I had a cold.
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