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The ProvenExpert awards For

TOP service provider - TOP recommendation - Recommended by customers.

Excellent service providers

The awards "TOP service provider“, „TOP recommendation" and "Recommended by customers“Identify the best rated service providers based on their customers' ratings. This highlights their outstanding services, which are reflected in a particularly high level of customer satisfaction and the recommendation rate of the excellent service providers.

Service providers must meet these criteria in order to receive an award:

grade "VERY GOOD"
(from 4.5 stars)
at least 95% Customer recommendations
grade "VERY GOOD"
(from 4.5 stars)
at least 95% Customer recommendations
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Why are the awards given?
Lots of enthusiastic customers, great service and a proactive handling of customer feedback - we think that needs to be emphasized. We therefore mark the service providers who meet the criteria with the awards.
How and how often are the awards given?
The awards "TOP service provider", "TOP recommendation" and "Recommended by customers" are always given for the current calendar year. The profile badge, certificate and sticker are therefore provided with the current year. However, there is no deadline by which a service provider must have qualified. Anyone who meets the criteria in the current calendar year receives an award. You can find out which criteria service providers must meet in order to receive an award here.
What do I get as an excellent service provider?
A profile badge is automatically added to the profile pages of award-winning service providers, which indicates the award in a prominent position. In addition, every award-winning service provider receives a promotional package to advertise their award in sales and business premises, on company vehicles, company websites or in printed matter such as brochures, flyers and business cards. The advertising package includes
  • a “TOP service provider”, “TOP recommendation” or “Recommended by customers” sticker
  • an award badge that can be integrated on the company website
  • a printed certificate (only for "TOP service providers" and "TOP recommendation")

Profile section with the badges “TOP service provider” and “TOP recommendation”.
Why didn't I receive an award?
Our criteria table shows you which conditions service providers have to meet for an award. Please note that the minimum number of reviews received refers to the last 12 months. Reviews older than 12 months will not be considered. In addition, all reviews of your profile must be published. Please therefore check whether you have approved all reviews.
Can I also buy the stickers / certificates?
We only send the stickers to service providers who meet all of the criteria mentioned and can therefore not be purchased.

Excellent service providers who need additional stickers can request them for a nominal fee. An email to [email protected] is sufficient for this.
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