Is silence the answer

Answer from the silence

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based on the story by Max Frisch
"Why don't we live when we know that we are only there once, only once and unrepeatable time, in this unspeakably wonderful world!"

Balz Leuthold wanted to be an inventor, a writer or an artist - all just not ordinary. But shortly before his thirtieth birthday and shortly before the wedding to his fiancé Barbara, he realizes that his childhood dreams have not come true and that he is well on the way to leading the bourgeois life that he so hates. He breaks up. On the north ridge - a previously unconquered mountain face on which many before him lost their lives - he wants to accomplish it: the extraordinary deed that is supposed to transform his existence into a real life. On his way he meets Irene. The two of them cover part of the way together, holding onto a brief love affair. But then the mountaineer embarks on the last stage of his dangerous ascent by himself.
Already in this early work, Max Frisch urgently and unpolished the questions about the biographical identity that should shape his entire work: What defines a fulfilled life?
October 14, 2020
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