What is the value of 164

Gamma-GT 164 U / l measured - is that ok?

Your blood values ​​were measured and a gamma-GT value of 164 U / l was determined. Based on this evaluation, you can see whether your Gamma-GT value is in a normal range.

Your measured Gamma-GT value of 164 U / l is clearly too high. A good Gamma-GT value is ideally between 0 and 60 U / l.

Reduce your gamma-GT value by 104 U / l to be within the normal range.


An increased gamma-GT value is usually a sign of cell damage in the liver. When liver cells die, the enzyme gamma-GT (GGT) is released in increased quantities into the blood.

The increase in the Gamma-GT value can be divided into the following areas:

Slight increase60 to 120 U / l
Moderate increase120 to 300 U / l
Strong increasefrom 300 U / l

Slight elevations can be caused by fatty liver or viral hepatitis, while moderately and severely elevated gamma GT values ​​can be caused by liver metastases, pancreatitis, biliary stasis or severe inflammation of the gallbladder. Alcoholism can also lead to increased GGT levels.


To protect your liver, avoid drinking alcohol. Avoid fatty foods and only take pain relievers if they are really needed or if they have been prescribed by a doctor. The same applies to other drugs that are broken down by the liver, such as antibiotics. Stress can also put a strain on the liver due to the stress hormone cortisol.

useful information

If a certain number of liver cells perish within a certain period of time, the gamma-GT trapped in the liver cells is released into the bloodstream. This in turn leads to an increase in the liver values ​​in the blood. The level of activity of gamma-GT in the blood serum is therefore directly related to the extent of the liver damage. The liver enzyme gamma-GT is routinely determined as part of check-ups or preventive examinations, but also when certain symptoms of a patient suggest a liver disease. In particular, liver damage from alcohol abuse, liver tumors and metastases in the liver from other cancerous ulcers, but also the various forms of liver inflammation, hepatitis, are regularly associated with an increase in gamma GT in the blood serum.

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