Which is bigger megalodon or mosasaurus

Primeval shark: does the giant still live in the deep sea today?

According to scientific findings, the prehistoric shark megalodon became extinct 1.6 million years ago. Still, some people firmly believe that the basking shark still exists in the deep sea today. What are the arguments against - and which are in favor?

It is already generally known about the primeval shark that the megalodon (C. megalodon) was the largest shark that has ever existed on earth and one of the largest marine animals of all time. The megalodon roamed the seas almost 28 million years ago until it finally became extinct almost 1.6 million years ago during the Pleistocene.

Primeval shark became three times larger than a great white shark

The primeval shark was more than huge! Some teeth found by these time predators have been over 7 inches tall. Reconstructions of the jaw and the other fossilized remains indicate that megalodons likely had a maximum length of up to 16.5 meters, about 3 times larger than great whites (C. carcharias). They even made the Tyrannosaurus rex look tiny. The wide distribution of primeval shark fossils, particularly the teeth, suggests that the megalodon was widespread and well adapted to the marine environment, preferring warm, temperate, and shallow waters. The primeval shark was unchallenged at the top of the food chain and has fed on large prey such as whales and dolphins.

He had huge teeth: the primeval shark is said to still make the seas unsafe today. Photo: Pixabay

Some believe the megalodon still exists

As already mentioned, the prehistoric shark megalodon has been considered extinct for 1,600,000 years. But some people are not satisfied with this fact and are convinced that the giant primeval sharks may still exist. Unfortunately, some online documentaries using retouched material have completely convinced some people that the megalodon is still hiding in the sea. So let's take a look at the arguments. First, no one has any evidence that the primeval shark still exists. Nobody has any proof that the megalodon no longer exists - but that doesn't mean that the megalodon is still lurking somewhere in the depths.