Why does Xbox not have a virtual reality

Virtual reality on PS5 and Xbox Series S / X, how is it presented?

Virtual reality is not limited to just putting a screen in front of our eyes, but is a medium of its own with its own standards, but which has not quite caught on, especially when we consider the promise of a bright future in the mass market, a promise which, due to the fact that virtual reality adoption is limited at best, appears to be half that left over.

Although the PC is the platform on which new technologies are integrated into the market, these technologies are standardized in games on consoles for the mass market. But VR has managed to standardize on consoles according to SonyHow is virtual reality represented on PS5 and Xbox series?


The commercial fiasco of virtual reality on consoles

If you ask people about virtual reality on consoles, the first thing they'll tell you is that the Playstation VR is a success, but they won't tell you that there hasn't been a rival in the console market since Nintendo nor Microsoft had their answers on the one PlayStation VR.

Earlier last year, SONY had sold 5 million PlayStation VRs worldwide, which means that around 5% of PlayStation 4 users have bought Sony virtual reality glasses for their consoles. Without fear of injustice, it is clear this was a commercial fiasco for SONY. And it needs to be made clear that something is a commercial fiasco that has nothing to do with its quality as a product, but with public acceptance.

The truth is that virtual reality was very fair in previous generation consoles. Microsoft, which had a slightly less powerful Xbox One, chose not to bet, but neither did it with its Xbox One X, despite originally announcing that the most powerful of their consoles would get support for virtual reality .

The VR performance issue with the previous generation of consoles

To understand what the virtual reality problem is, we need to consider a concept called telepresence, which consists of making the viewer's brain believe it is in that place. The trick is to determine the time it takes to perform the action, until we see the reaction, the retina of our eyes must be less than 20 msec.

This means that we need to be able to render a scene in a much shorter time than the classic 16.67 ms for a game at 60 frames per second, since we also need to take into account the time the image is sent to the LCD. Screen was sent. the virtual reality unit.

The principle is the same as that of playing in the cloud. To get the same visual quality in virtual reality, combined with the feeling of presence, we need a lot of power, and it turns out that the previous generation of consoles fell short. which led to the opinion in general, the next would be the final leap into virtual reality, a leap that certainly hasn't happened and we really wonder if it will happen.

How is Virtual Reality on PS5 and Xbox Series S / X?

Neither SONY nor Microsoft announced anything related to virtual reality. In the case of SONY, they should have a new version of their PlayStation VR under development if we look for the existence of certain patents, but patents don't need to be translated into final products. As for Microsoft, we haven't announced anything, not even support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

This doesn't mean we won't see any more virtual reality units in the future, but nothing is announced at the moment and in the case of SONY, which has a product, it doesn't seem like they are going to take the PlayStation VR up and running despite the improvement in hardware. However, we can't forget that in the case of the SONY console, the games work in legacy mode rather than using all of the power, and there are no visual enhancements for these.

So the bet on VR is zero in the new generation of consoles, and the prospects are bleak in that regard, and no, it's not about viewing the glass as half empty or completely pessimistic, but rather about establishing a reality that suddenly everyone seems to have forgotten.

Where is the low cost virtual reality for PS5?

When the PlayStation 5 was first introduced on a physical level, there was one port that caught our attention, a USB-C port.

That was enough to imagine an inexpensive version of the PlayStation VR that we had to plug into this port just in the hope that it was the Alt DP type. If you've had a PlayStation VR, you'll know beforehand the tangled cables that come with when you need an intermediate box.

The USB-C port is the 10 Gbps Superspeed USB type.It doesn't even support the display port over USB-C, but it doesn't have enough bandwidth to transfer data to a virtual reality headset , not even the original PlayStation VR.

However, this is not the only negative point. The new SONY camera for PS5 is not compatible with the current PlayStation VR and it is necessary to purchase the old camera which also requires a special adapter as the modified USB port used was not available. found on PS5, add additional cost.

The fact that PSVR games cannot be customized to take advantage of the new camera stems from the fact that PlayStation VR games are officially considered at the SDK level and, at least for now, as previous generation games. This means that either an upgraded version is optimized for PS5 or SONY has decided to close the store forever and will wait for the console's disposal to announce the end of their virtual reality adventure.

And what about the Xbox Series S / X?

In the case of Microsoft, the commitment to VR was zero in the previous generation, but we don't believe that in the case of betting on VR, Microsoft will develop its own glasses, but that it can allow compatibility with a specific model of a third of the Windows Mixed Reality and its rebranding under the Xbox brand, of course, provided it goes into Microsoft's future plans for Xbox.

What Microsoft has done is to eliminate the code separation between PC and Xbox in the new generation, before it was necessary to adapt and make certain changes in the games, in the case of the Xbox Series X / S, which is no longer necessary and in reality it is the Windows version with an associated configuration file. This should make porting virtual reality games to the next generation Xbox a lot easier.

This has led to the fact that in some games like Flight Simulator on PC that support virtual reality, some believe that when one has nothing to do with the other, we will clearly see a virtual reality headset on Xbox. In addition, from Microsoft's point of view, they have information on the viability of the virtual reality market.

Given the tremendous success of the PlayStation VR in Microsoft's recent years, they have an indication of the level of adoption of virtual reality, and since they have never talked about it, we can conclude that they are not betting on the bet become virtual reality.

The PC is the solution for virtual reality

In the end, the bottom line is that if you want to enjoy virtual reality, it is best to bet on PC, as it is the only platform where VR not only has a face and eyes, but also a future. So, if you're saving up to set up a virtual reality setup and want the best experience with that medium, the best thing to do is to set up a VR-focused PC and not wait for something that hasn't even been officially announced.

Mainly because the virtual reality on PS5 and the Xbox series stands out for its absence, as it is something that nobody is talking about and not only the media but also the manufacturers. So it's the elephant in the room that's there, but nobody wants to see. And the fact is that neither SONY nor Microsoft have any interest in virtual reality in their new generation consoles.