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It is usually difficult for consumers to keep track of virus protection issues. Our editorial team regularly receives questions from our readers. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about virus protection.

Which antivirus is the best and is it free?

For Windows users, this question can be answered quickly. Because with Windows Defender you get powerful virus protection on board the Windows operating system. The software is regularly updated with patches and updates, so that you can already use a good antivirus program for free.

Many manufacturers offer virus protection programs free of charge. As with all free software, you “pay” with your data. Therefore, you should always consider whether a free virus protection makes sense. It can therefore be worthwhile to switch to paid programs, especially since these usually offer additional functions such as mail scanners, browser plugins or ransomware detection.

Manufacturers such as Kaspersky, AVG or Avira already offer many important features in the free basic version.

Which Antivirus is Best for Windows 10?

With the free Defender you can rely on a powerful, on-board tool for detecting and removing malware on your Windows computer.

In addition, there are solutions from Norton as well as anti-virus programs from Avira, McAfee or Kaspersky.

If you opt for an anti-virus program in addition to Windows Defender, it is mostly the paid versions from the manufacturers that offer the best protection.

Is Avira really free?

You can use the virus protection software "Avira Free Security 2020" free of charge. It contains a virus scanner that detects computer viruses, Trojans, rootkits or phishing. However, as with all "free" programs on the Internet, you should consider how the manufacturer earns its money. In the case of free virus programs, the actual "price" lies in the transmission of user data that the manufacturers are allowed to use to evaluate their programs.

The “Avira Antivirus Pro” payment option is available to extend the protection.

Does Windows 10 have a virus program?

Windows 10 offers you Windows Defender, an anti-virus program that detects and removes common malware. Windows Defender is updated regularly via Windows Updates.

Which antivirus apps for Android?

Most of the major manufacturers of virus protection programs now offer their own apps for Android smartphones. You can use the AVG, Avast, Kaspersky or McAfee apps to protect your phone from malware.

It is also advisable to use paid versions here. They offer the greatest scope of services and are available for less than 10 euros per app and year.

Which antivirus software for Mac?

For a long time, Apple computers were considered safer than Windows computers. But this assumption is not correct, because Apple computers can also be infected with malware. Since the market share of Windows PCs is still significantly higher, criminals direct their attacks mainly on Windows systems. This is the only reason why Apple devices are less affected.

Antivirus programs from Kaspersky, Norton, Avira or Avast can help protect your iMac.

How can I turn off antivirus?

Any antivirus program