What are film concept ideas about culture

Media Council meeting on June 23, 2017

1) SLM supports film producers from Saxony with around 65,000 euros

In its meeting on June 23, 2017, the media council of the Saxon State Authority for Private Broadcasting and New Media (SLM) gave the green light for financial support for six project applications from Saxon film producers as part of the additional cultural film funding. The SLM provides a total of around 65,000 euros for the following productions:

Documentary "Coswig 1985" is a belated monograph of extra-state art in the GDR. 13 artists and creators report as contemporary witnesses about an extraordinary jazz event in the small Saxon town of Coswig in the shadow of the Dresden Music Festival.
Production: adhoc Film & Fernsehproduktion GmbH, Dresden, Managing Director René Biermann

Short film "SIMPLYdevil"- The protagonists Günther and Heinrich explore their homeland as Saxon anti-hipsters using a two-stroke mobile - with Saxon dialect, freshly published proverbs and lots of humor. A somewhat different homeland film with a comedic character.
Production: Filoufilm, Dresden, represented by the owner Dani Barsch

Short animated film "1989 - Songs from our homeland" - The documentary, autobiographical short animated film by Schwarwel tells in 12 episodes the causes, stories and consequences of the peaceful revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Enriched with specially composed film music and multi-faceted animation techniques.
Production: AGM Leipzig GmbH, Leipzig, represented by the managing directors Katrin Jankowicz and Sandra Strauss

Documentary: "The Perfect Black" - The director and his protagonists, e.g. an astrophysicist, a black tattoo artist or a deep-sea researcher go in search of the perfect black and find their answers within the framework of very personal perspectives with philosophical, acoustic, psychological or physical-technical influences.
Production: Neue Celluloid Fabrik, Leipzig, represented by the owner Jürgen Kleinig

Short film "The main prize"
stages a modern fairy tale that processes reality into a caricature. Hermit Albert is involved in a fateful game of chance and thus finds his great love.
Production: Design and production of film and media, represented by the owner Alice von Gwinner, Leipzig

Short film "Miriquidor" is an innovative project with a transmedia narrative style and new 360 ° technology. With the funding, the SLM honors the new format and the new development of media design.
Production: MiriquidiFilm, Leipzig, owner Michael Geidel

Provides film funding, support innovative and promising projects in short fiction, documentary and animation films. The aim of the funding is primarily to support young filmmakers from the Free State on their way to professionally produced films and to promote cultural quality and experimental work. The selection of film projects eligible for funding is made by the SLM Media Council, which uses the recommendations of an evaluation committee.

A total of around 140,000 euros are available in the SLM budget in 2017 for additional cultural film funding. The funding is based on Section 28 of the Saxon Private Broadcasting Act, according to which the SLM is given additional cultural film funding. The funding criteria are defined in the SLM funding guidelines.


2) SLM supports institutions from Leipzig and Dresden in the field of
non-topic-related media skills promotion

In its meeting on June 23, the media council of the Saxon State Media Authority dealt with the applications for funding non-topic-related media competence projects for the second half of 2017. The SLM is providing 2,500 euros each for the following projects:

  • · KF Education UG, Leipzig, organizes four one-day media competence projects for children and young people during the autumn holiday week under the title: "#Was geht in….?! - A media-educational-participatory project in Saxony". The events take place in the rural areas of the Free State, e.g. in Döbeln.
  • The association SUKUMA e.V., Dresden, realizes workshops in which film concept ideas are developed - afterwards the students organize a film premiere themselves in a Dresden cinema.

The SLM provides annual funding for the promotion of media skills. Initiatives and institutions can apply with their project and further training offers that aim to promote the sustainable development of a critical and self-determined use of media by Saxon children, adolescents, adults and multipliers.

Two types of project funding are implemented by the SLM: The topic-related media skills promotion is geared towards a mostly multi-year funding focus and is intended to sustainably strengthen the media competence of the target group in terms of content and structure non-thematic funding twice a year supports short-term project ideas that consist of a practical need, e.g. for media competence-related events. A total of 10,000 euros is available for this, 5,000 euros per half-year.