What are the best coffee shops in Seattle

Seattle: coffee shops and slow food

What is that still tingling in the nose between the sea, salt and fish? Is that really the smell of freshly brewed coffee? Or are the eyes of the nose playing tricks?

In Seattle, that is quite possible. Because in Seattle the nearest coffee shop is never more than 100 meters away, and as an informed visitor you naturally have the history of the city's most famous café in your head - the old “Starbucks”, which once served the “slurp and chill” Culture ”throughout the western world.

It all started with "Sleepless in Seattle"

But more of that in a moment. Then when we're at Pike Place Market, in the old port. Before that, we have to process other impressions that overwhelmed us on the approach: Almost all around, surrounded by deep blue water, dense forests and snow-capped mountains, the metropolis on the Pacific, in the northwest of the USA, actually seems to sparkle in the sunlight like a large green emerald as the nickname it bears says: "Emerald City".

And even if it's your first time here, Seattle might look familiar to you. Provided you go to the cinema and watch TV more often: Because the lively city in the US state of Washington has evolved into a film and television metropolis in recent years. The (also very successful in Germany) TV series “Grey's Anatomy” takes place in the (fictional) Seattle Grace Hospital, movie hits like “The Fabulous Baker Boys” or “Unveiling” were filmed here - and of course it all began with the global success of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in "Sleepless in Seattle".

Film fame also attracts tourists, even if the city has a second nickname: "Rain City" - although it does not rain as often here as in other American cities. And whether with or without an umbrella: What is increasingly fascinating for the increasing numbers of visitors to Seattle is the balance this city maintains, between hectic modernity and leisurely provinciality, between business and environmental protection.

No wonder that it has repeatedly been awarded the title of “Most Livable City in the United States” and - logically - has attracted such well-known global companies as Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing.

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Starbucks started in Seattle

Which brings us back to “Starbucks”, the coffee shop chain that started its triumphal march around the world from here. It all started in 1971. With a coffee, tea and spice shop that three college friends from San Francisco took over. They called the place "Starbuck's Coffee, Tea and Spice". "Starbucks" after the name of the helmsman Starbuck, the opponent of the whaler and embittered Captain Ahab in the world-famous novel "Moby Dick" by Hermann Melville.

The old “Starbucks” still exists. It is directly opposite the "Pike Place Market", the heart of the city, and one of the main attractions of Seattle with nine million visitors annually. In addition to the traditional fish market, more than 300 permanent stalls and shops have settled here in a labyrinth over several floors. From the small artist booth to the boutique with unusual jewelry and clothes. The market is currently being expanded to include water; the reopening of the extension is planned for July 2017.

Slow food is the name of the game in Seattle

But be careful! Don't let the almost oriental bazaar atmosphere overwhelm you too much. The prices here are sometimes as steep as the fish in the windows. It is better to save the money for a meal in one of the many fine and good restaurants that you will find in this city. Yes, here too Seattle differs from many other American cities.

“Slow Food” is the trend here and “Cooking from the Source”, meaning fresh products straight to the table. And in addition to the “haute cuisine” or excellent Asian cuisine, be sure to try the “home cooking” of the Northwest. It is very imaginative, sometimes daring in combination, but also known beyond the region for its gentle preparation methods. Hops, wild fruits, nuts, mushrooms, cheese from the coast, very fresh fish and seafood from the Pacific or bison meat, game, corn and potatoes are among the fresh ingredients.