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Strong colors, crackling pages & hot off the press from the press - a professionally printed newspaper is more than just a piece of paper. It is an experience. Now leave yours print custom newspaper and secure a permanent place in the minds of your readers. Here you will find all the tools you can use to create your Design your own newspaper with just a few clicks can. And that already from 1 copy. Discover our inspiring newspaper templates or simply upload your own print file as a PDF.


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Reliable newspaper printing - for beginners and professionals

Smartpaper Designer - design your own newspaper

In the Designer you can create your design your own newspaper. All text and image elements can be freely moved, exchanged and replaced. The design program works 100% online. So you need NO download extra software. Let yourself be inspired by the selection of our templates and get started as a newspaper maker right away!

Design newspaper online

Smartpaper One - Newspaper printing from edition 1

Create your newspaper with a program of your choice and then load your PDF print file high. Order quantity, paper type, number of pages: the online calculator automatically adapts to your settings and calculates them for you Real-time quote. After the upload, our print data check will check your newspaper file and help you optimize it.

Print newspaper from 1 piece

Smart Magazine - magazine & brochure printing from edition 1

Our printing machines can also produce high-gloss formats: bright colors, crisp details and first-class paper. We print your high-quality magazines & brochures from just 1 copy. Take a look at our chic designer templates or design your magazines and brochures with your own software

Create magazines & brochures online

Print magazines & brochures from 1 piece

Smartpaper Classic - industrial offset printing from 3,000 newspapers

We print larger orders from 3,000 to 250,000 newspapers in powerful coldset process. Both in half and full format. Configure your newspaper with our calculator and use the convenient upload function.

Print newspapers from 3,000 copies

Smartpaper One2One - Create advertising newspaper as a personalized print mailing

Are you planning a targeted advertising campaign without wastage? Then create one innovative print mailing in newspaper formthat is precisely tailored to the interests of your customers. Personal address, personalized content and addressed delivery. Order your free sample now and let our experts advise you.

Personalize advertising newspaper

Get your newspaper printed in 5 steps

  1. Design your newspaper with your own software and adapt your print file to ours Technical guidelines at.
  2. The agony of choice - How many newspapers do you want to print? Choose either our inexpensive one Newspaper printing from 1 copy (Smartpaper One) or our powerful Offset printing from 3,000 newspapers (Smartpaper Classic).
  3. Configure your newspaper with our calculator: Order quantity, format, number of pages, paper quality. The price automatically adapts to your settings.
  4. Upload your PDF print file and place it in the shopping cart.
  5. Log in with your user account and complete the ordering process. We deliver the newspaper you have created yourself conveniently to your door in 5-7 working days.

Design your own newspaper in 5 steps

  1. Click on the Smartpaper designer and choose a template for your newspaper.
  2. Give the desired Order quantity and the printing options at.
  3. Then start the designer with the red button "Newspaper Online Design". The designer is free and opens in a new window.
  4. Write texts, insert pictures & move layouts - design the template of your newspaper the way you like it best.
  5. Check the newspaper by Preview function, put it in the shopping cart and go through the ordering process. We deliver your newspaper conveniently to your door in 5-7 working days.

Print lives! Time to print the newspaper

Printing newspapers is the supreme discipline of communication. Because where flickering screens reach their limits, printed newspapers unfold their full effect. In the confusion of the online world, newspapers exude calm, order and professionalism. This is exactly why newspapers are on the upswing again. Especially when it comes to conveying information with added value or telling personal stories that won't let you go.
Now print your homemade newspaper and will be remembered by your readers for a long time. While digital content often comes to nothing, print products score with their haptics. Touch, feel, smell. Newspapers stand for a first-class reading experience, with which smartphones, tablets & Co often cannot keep up. Become part of the revolution in the print business and slip into the role of a newspaper maker. Smartpaper24 helps you to design your own newspaper quickly and easily and to have it printed from 1 copy.

Design your newspaper in the designer with free templates

The Designer is an easy one to use Layout program, with which you can create your own newspaper on your PC in no time at all. Write texts, insert photos, move layouts - all elements of the newspaper pages can be moved freely. With a few clicks you can design a newspaper that meets your expectations down to the smallest detail. Choose one of our Newspaper templates and get started right away. You don't need any in-depth knowledge of printing or design for this. The Newspaper templates are directly printable and can be Order 1 copy or more online. Whether in the look of a classic daily newspaper, as a photo newspaper for snapshots from your vacation or as an innovative menu for your restaurant - discover the variety of our templates

Print your own file as a real newspaper

CREATIVITY is very important at Smartpaper24. If our designer's templates are too narrow, you can also design a newspaper with a program of your choice and then upload it as a PDF. We print your self-created file as a real newspaper in any number. Whether in Digital printing from 1 newspaper or in Offset printing from 3,000 newspapers. On the product pages you will find a calculator with which you can individually set the printing options of your newspaper. Order quantity, number of pages, paper quality, page format, type of packaging - here you hold all the threads in your hand. The calculator thinks automatically and shows you that Real-time quote at. So you always have the costs for your newspaper in view.
Please note our technical guidelines so that we can produce your newspaper. The technical guidelines are a guide on how to make your newspaper file printable. Here you will find all information about the type area, font embedding and the color space of your images.

Print data guide for newspapers and magazines

Newsprint is not just newsprint

The choice of paper quality plays a large part in this Success of a printed newspaper. The paper gives your newspaper character and says a lot about the target group you want to reach. But what do you expect from good newsprint? It has to be relatively light, quickly foldable and comparatively cheap. In addition, there is the typical crackling when turning the pages and a certain degree of stability so that the pages stay upright for optimal readability.
Whether it's classic grayish newsprint or a thicker type of paper with a higher degree of whiteness - there is no general better or worse. Every paper has its own advantages and unique selling points. The key lies in that Grammage. The grammage describes the weight of the paper on an area of ​​one square meter. Do you prefer a thin & light or a non-slip & robust paper? Print your newspaper or magazine on paper that will convince your readers.
Depending on the product, you can find it on Smartpaper24 various types of paperthat give your content radiance. From our original newspaper Smartpaper Classics for large print runs about the lightened 90 g / m2 Paper ours Smartpaper One for short runs up to the elegant 135 g / m2 Glossy paper ours Magazine impression. Each type of paper sets small but fine accents that decide how your readers will ultimately perceive your print product.

Online newspaper printing to be amazed

Smartpaper24 stands for Passionate about newspaper printing. Both large and small customers have the opportunity here to design their own newspapers or magazines and to order them at fair prices from edition 1. Your advantages summarized:

  • Newspaper printing from 1 copy
  • Digital printing for short runs & offset printing for large runs
  • Designer with creative newspaper templates
  • Upload your own print file
  • Real newsprint
  • Diverse newspaper formats
  • Calculator with price calculation in real time
  • Online ordering process
  • Fast delivery in 5-7 working days

Are you looking for a solution to make your own newspaper and have it printed in the desired quantity? Then take a look at that Newspaper templates from our designer or upload your finished newspaper PDF.

Ideas and inspiration for newspapers on the blog

Offset printing or digital printing? Your newspaper in every edition

In modern newspaper printing there are different ways to have a newspaper produced. The choice of the production route depends largely on the order quantity. When it comes to printing technology, Smartpaper24 differentiates between small and large editions.
We manufacture small orders of just a few copies in flexible digital printing. Here we put your print data on the newsprint with digitally controlled color nozzles. The principle is similar to the process of an inkjet printer. What you then hold in your hands is a real newspaper in a compact size. Now upload your PDF file and print your personal newspaper as a Smartpaper One from 1 copy upwards.
From a print order of 3,000 or more newspapers, our is worthwhile highly efficient web offset printing in the coldset process. Here we produce your newspaper in record speed. We also print huge numbers of over 100,000 newspapers within a few hours. And that with razor-sharp precision. In our industrial newspaper printing, the print image is first transferred to a rubber blanket cylinder and then onto the paper web. While the newspapers reach the next processing step in grips, the paint dries in the natural airstream. That saves energy and is environmentally friendly. Discover the wide range of our classic newspaper formats and let your newspaper be Smartpaper Classic print from 3,000 newspapers.
No matter how many newspapers you need: Whether 1 newspaper as a birthday present, 500 newspapers for a club anniversary or 50,000 newspapers as an advertising brochure for your business idea. Smartpaper24 promises fast newspaper printing for small and large print runs of all kinds.

Get your newspaper printed now

Individual newspapers magically attract attention. What at first glance looks like a real newspaper from the kiosk turns out to be a second glance unique content in an authentic newspaper format. For many years the newspaper business was in the hands of a few publishers and media moguls. But times change. Smartpaper24 offers Online newspaper printing for everyone. Make your dream of your own newspaper a reality and put your print ideas in the spotlight. The surprise effect is always on your side. From wedding newspapers to school newspapers and club newspapers to company newspapers - with Smartpaper24 you can put your projects precisely on paper.

Advantages of printed newspapers

Printing newspapers is worth it. While the internet is flooding us with spam messages, cookies and blinking buttons, newspapers stand for best reading comfort. We have everything in view on a newspaper page without having to scroll down or deactivate annoying content. Newspaper layouts stand for clear structures, the texts and images in one easy to read order pack.
The feeling of reading is also different. Fonts, colors and print details stand out more against the background on newsprint. This is easy on the eyes and increases our comprehension. We read print media clearly faster and more focused than comparable digital offers.
In a professionally printed newspaper, advertising and information get the attentionthey deserve. It is easier to establish a connection to the messages of a print product than to be convinced by a screen. Newspapers are something that we hold tightly in our hands and experience with all of our senses. Your positive and serious image creates one Basis of trust between product and reader, which is often lost in digital space.

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