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Ice cream lexicon: This is sorbet, frozen yoghurt and Co.

Ice cream is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. In 2017, every German consumed an average of 7.9 liters or the equivalent of 113 scoops of the delicious dessert. A high number announced by the Federal Statistical Office. We eat significantly more ice cream in this country than the motherland of the cold balls: Italy (7.6 liters). However, we are not at the top with the number. The Finns hold the record with 11.8 liters (168 bullets).

But why is ice cream still booming? This is also due to the fact that in recent years not only the classic ice cream variants have been sold in Germany, but the type of preparation is becoming increasingly diverse. In addition to classic ice cream, sorbet, parfait and frozen yoghurt have long been sold in the region's ice cream counters. But what is behind the preparation methods? We'll tell you what you need to know in order to impress your friends with specialist knowledge.

The classics: ice cream vs. fruit ice cream

For many people, ice cream is not only a synonym for ice cream, but also the most popular type of refreshment. The main ingredient and the basis of the classic is milk or cream. Eggs are added to the mixture so that it gets its particularly creamy consistency. Fruit ice cream is almost as popular as ice cream. To be able to call yourself that, the ice cream must consist of at least 20 percent fruit. But there is also one exception: with citrus fruits, the fruit content only needs to be ten percent - otherwise the ice cream would be too sour to eat. The basis for fruit ice cream can be either water or a dairy product. If cream or milk is used, it is referred to as fruit ice cream.

Make ice cream yourself:Chocolate ice cream with pistachios

Fruit ice cream must have a fruit content of at least 20 percent. Photo: Brooke Lark (unsplash)

What is frozen yogurt?

Unlike ice cream, frozen yoghurt (or frozen yoghurt), as the name suggests, consists mainly of yoghurt. If you want to keep an eye out for yourself, frozen yogurt is a low-calorie alternative to milk ice cream, as it not only contains less fat but also less sugar. You have a free hand in production: normal yogurt as well as Greek and soy yogurt are suitable for preparation. To top it all off, toppings such as chocolate pieces, caramel or fruit are usually added to the ice cream variant.

For light refreshment:frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is becoming increasingly popular and is a low-calorie alternative to milk ice cream. Photo: Felipe Portella (unsplash)

What is sorbet?

The sorbet is the most original form of ice cream. It only consists of the ingredients water, fruit juice and, if you like, sugar. Therefore, a sorbet is also a perfect refreshment for vegans in summer. When buying a sorbet, however, you should check the ingredients list. Conventionally manufactured products can contain egg whites. As with the fruit ice cream, the fruit content is also specified in the sorbet. It is 25 percent with the exception that it has to be 15 percent for citrus fruits.

Sorbet is a good ice cream variant for vegans, like our watermelon sorbet. Photo: SevenCooks

What is granita?

The granita is a frozen dessert that is essentially a sorbet. The difference, however, is in the consistency. While the sorbet is a creamy mass, granita is crushed into small crystals during the preparation, which is also what gives it its name. Because the Latin word "granum" means something like grain. In its way, the granita is reminiscent of a very loose water ice.

A typical Sicilian version of ice cream is the granita with lemon. Photo: SevenCooks

What is parfait?

Parfait is becoming increasingly popular in this country. Restaurateurs in particular have discovered the ice cream variation for themselves and put it on their menus. Parfait is a semi-frozen mass that is made without an ice machine. It consists mainly of egg yolks, which are whipped creamy with sugar in a water bath. There is also cream or egg whites and other ingredients for the taste. The fact that the mass only goes into the freezer and no air is stirred in results in a smooth, firm consistency that can be easily cut into slices.

How about a parfait (Italian semifreddo) instead of ice cream the next time? Photo: SevenCooks

What is soft ice cream?

Soft ice cream is basically a classic ice cream, which differs from this only in the way it is prepared. While ice cream is cooled to around -14 ° C, soft ice cream is only -6 ° C. This keeps the mass in the soft ice cream machine nice and supple. Only when portioning is the required and slightly frozen cream whipped with compressed air and served.

Freshly tapped ice cream: How about a soft ice cream next time? Photo: RoyBuri (pixabay)

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