Is bleach bad for installation

Is cleaning the tub with bleach bad for the plumbing?

My wife was brainstorming and we tried cleaning the tub with a dilute bleach solution, soaking it overnight and it worked very well. The tub has yet to be cleaned, but the bleach has removed the worst of the dirt.

I see this is a step up from scrubbing properly, but it does make the actual cleaning easier.

If we did this on a regular basis, like every few weeks, could it be bad for the pipes?


If you are in a sewage treatment plant I would avoid this. (Put this in a comment as it is not a straightforward answer to the plumbing question).

Niall C. ♦

What kind of pipes do you have?


@ Niall - metal, not copper. The house was built around 1900-1910. @ JonFx - I don't think we are in a sewer system, this is quite a built-up area.


Bleach is very sticky on surfaces and can damage the tub over time. When it's diluted think not me , that it affects pipes, but then again, almost anything is bad for 100 year old iron pipes.

After you've got the tub clean enough I would recommend using one of these daily spray tub / shower cleaners or a steam cleaner like a Haan. The bad thing is, you have to use these products more often, but the good thing is that it takes minutes and little work instead of scrubbing and burning your lungs.


If you use oxygen bleach it is safe for the septic tank. I like a product called Stain Solver ( In fact, they recommend adding something to clean the septic tank on a regular basis.