What do you add to the clay soil

Planting a pear tree: This is why the right location for the pear tree is so important

Pear tree location: lots of sun and sheltered location

Choose a location in full sun in a well-protected location for your pear tree. Pear trees don't like cold and also don't like wind. The more hours of sunshine the ripening pears get, the sweeter and tastier they are after harvest. A place near the south wall of the house is ideal. From there, the stored heat can radiate back in summer. Planting as a pear trellis directly on the south wall also works very well.

When choosing the tree, you should pay attention to the height of the tree in order to exclude unwanted shading of windows. A pear tree as a high trunk can grow up to 20 m high without going backwards. But there are many varieties that reach a lower maximum height.

Pear tree soil: deep, rich in humus, not too much lime

A deep sandy loam soil with sufficient humus offers optimal growth conditions for pear trees. Too much lime is harmful to health. Standing moisture and heavily compacted soils are also not favorable. If the proportion of sand in the clay soil is too low, add additional sand. You can improve pure sandy soil by adding humus.

Planting a pear tree step by step

You will need: ready-to-plant pear tree; Support pile; Spade; Knife; Hammer; Bucket; Water; 1 m wire

1. Dig the planting hole

Dig out the planting hole. It should have about twice the volume of the root ball and be visibly deeper. This will ensure that the roots are below ground level.

2. Loosen the soil

Thoroughly loosen the bottom of the planting hole. As a result, the roots grow faster.

3. Check humidity

Take the root ball out of the container and check for moisture. Put very dry bales in a bucket of water. The bale has soaked up when no more air bubbles rise.

4. Drive in the support post

Drive in the support post in the edge area of ​​the planting hole. It should be about the same length as the trunk of the young sapling.

5. Mix the excavated material

Mix the excavated soil with fresh compost earth in the case of very sandy soils and with sand in the case of compacted soils. Mix thoroughly so that the ingredients are well mixed.

6. Score the root ball

Score the root ball in different places with a sharp knife. The small wounds activate the formation of new roots.

7. Check the height

Check the height of the pear tree in the planting hole. The finishing point should be five to eight centimeters above ground level.

8. Insert the root ball

Put the root ball in the middle and distribute the soil all around.

9. Trample the earth

Just lightly tread the soil around the bale. Too much pressure compacts the soil.

10. Pouring on

Pour the pear tree generously and fix the trunk to the support post with wire.

The distance between several pear trees depends on the expected size and width. Smaller and narrower trees need a distance of at least three meters.

With large, spreading trees, the minimum distance increases to eight meters. The right time to plant pear trees is from spring to early autumn. The tree needs enough time to take root before the frost.

Pollinator for pear trees

Pear trees are self-sterile. You need a second tree for fertilization to work and for the tree to bear pears. The flowering time of both trees must clearly overlap. Here are three examples of pairs of delicious pear varieties that are good for cross-fertilization:

  • Williams Christmas pear + Delicious from Charneu
  • Boscs bottle pear + Conferenc
  • Gellert's Butterbirne + Clapps LieblingThe experts at the nursery will be happy to provide you with information on other combinations. If you don't have the space for two trees, you can plant a pear tree with two different types of fertilizer that have already been grafted on the base. A third alternative is pear trellises. Here you can plant matching pear trees in a small space.
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