What makeup is best for covering acne

Cover pimples: These beauty tips are the SOS solution

Covering nasty blackheads and pimples is not always the solution to the problem - but at least helps for a short time. GALA tells you everything you need to know for the Undercover mission.

Effectively cover pimples

Once a pimple is there, it is not that easy to get rid of. As a rule, that doesn't happen quickly. So a plan B has to be found: cover the pimples. Ideally, of course, so well that no one can see them. Thanks to cosmetics, you can make the uninvited guests as good as invisible these days.

1. Prepare the face

Before you can put make-up on the pimples, you should thoroughly clean the affected areas so that the bacteria disappear. Otherwise, a small pimple can quickly turn into a major inflammation. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and then cleanse your skin with toner. This mild wash gel invigorates and refreshes your face.
This facial toner cleanses your skin and refines the complexion.

Treat specific pimples or blemishes with a special tincture or cream, best of all containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These substances work against the bacteria and stimulate skin renewal.

Wait a few minutes for the skin to absorb the products and remove any residue with a clean cotton pad.

2. The right primer

Blemished skin is often prone to redness and pimple marks. If you want to cover pimples, then you should definitely pay attention to the right primer. It is best to use a liquid, oil-free make-up. The product should also be "non-comedogenic". So without substances that could clog the sebum glands. Just take a look at the back of the product. There are also special foundations for blemished skin. This usually still contains antibacterial substances.

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3. Make-up on pimples

Your best friend for covering pimples is a concealer or concealer. This is often also available with a greenish undertone, because it neutralizes the reddening of the pimples. If you use such correction pens, then apply a concealer in your skin color over it. Tap it in lightly with your fingers - it will blend in perfectly with your skin.

Camouflage make-up is a good alternative to conventional concealers. Camouflage covers more than concealer. A great option for removing make-up on birthmarks etc.

4. Fixate

So that the concealer or concealer stays where you applied it all day, you should fix your face and especially the covered pimples with loose or pressed powder. This ensures a flawless and matt finish. Our tip:Mineral powders are best. They are inherently non-comedogenic and are very gentle on the skin.

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