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KfW investment barometer

We are taking up the revised form of the investment barometer again with the edition for the 2nd quarter of 2014. The first and third editions of each year deal with corporate investment. In the second quarter we analyze public investments. Looking at investments in private residential construction, we close the year in the fourth quarter.

For the construction of the KfW investment barometer: The KfW investment barometer is a quarterly series of indicators that is dedicated to the three major components of gross fixed capital formation: corporate investment, state investment and private housing. This breakdown does not belong to the standard program of the national accounts (VGR) of the Federal Statistical Office, but is determined exclusively by KfW by summarizing the components of the gross fixed capital formation differently. Corporate investments include all investments by the private sectors in equipment, commercial buildings (civil engineering) and other facilities. All government investments are subtracted and summarized in a separate aggregate, as is private residential construction.

The KfW Investment Barometer deals with corporate investments in two editions per year (in spring and autumn), in one edition with government investments (in summer) and in the last edition with private housing (in winter). Publication times are March, June, September and December.

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