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Finding company names: you should pay attention to this

Stumbling block company names

For many founders, the choice of the company name is a very central step in their establishment. Because at this moment you give your baby a name that you will work with every day for the next few years.

What is a good or bad company name can be argued about. Some companies have become successful despite the almost unpronounceable name, others have created such a strong brand with the company name alone that the product behind it takes a back seat.

Much more important than the taste is the legal component when choosing a company name. If the name is already protected by another company, it can be an expensive proposition and endanger your business. Company names are often only protected for certain industries or countries, if a company develops and expands over the years, problems can then arise at the latest.

It is therefore advisable to have a specialist trademark lawyer checked before deciding on a company name.

A company name is possible when entering the commercial register

A company name can be used, for example, by merchants and corporations - i.e. companies entered in the commercial register. The company name is the name of the company under which the merchant conducts his business. This means that the company name is used for business transactions and identifies the business operations. However, the company name is also of considerable economic importance, because the company name can guarantee individuality and distinguishability from other companies.

If you are looking for a company name, you should check whether the company name you have chosen is similar or similar to an existing company name. On the one hand, the company name is legally protected by civil law when it is actually used. On the other hand, the company name is protected by commercial law after the company has been entered in the commercial register. In addition, you can protect your company name by registering the company name as a trademark with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA).

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Search company name: own or imaginary name

The company name can consist of different components:

  • The company name can contain your own name, for example "Müller OHG".
  • The company name can also include a title or job description, for example "Müller's Fitnessstudio OHG".
  • Fancy names are also an option for the company name.
  • The company name can also consist of a combination of personal, factual and imaginary names.

However, the company name must always include the addition of the company's legal form. When looking for a company name, the following aspects must be taken into account:

  • The company name should be distinctive and distinctive. It is important that the company name does not contain any pure branch names for the subject or job description.
  • The business relationships and liability relationships must be evident by adding the legal form to the company name.
  • The company name must not be misleading. A company name that contains terms such as institute, finance, bio, center, bank or European is therefore often inadmissible.

Finding a company name: 10 tips for finding a name

The company name is an important figurehead for your company. Therefore, entrepreneurs looking for a company name should research carefully and find a name. The following tips can help you when you are looking for a company name:

  1. The company name should be easy to pronounce and remember.
  2. Pictorial expressions are particularly suitable for a company name because people can easily remember words that evoke images in their minds.
  3. The company name should be easy to understand and not ambiguous. It is ideal if the company name conveys the customer benefit.
  4. When looking for a company name, avoid abbreviations. Especially for start-ups that are still little known, the company name should reveal what it is about at first glance.
  5. The company name should attract attention. So be creative when looking for a company name, experiment with the spelling.
  6. The company name should not evoke negative associations. When looking for a company name, use neutral terms. It can be helpful to start a small survey in the team or among friends about the company name.
  7. The company name should be expandable if the business is to be expanded to other areas in the future.
  8. When looking for a company name, make sure that the company name is not too general. The company name is intended to highlight the specifics of your business.
  9. When looking for a company name, avoid name trends. Otherwise the company name could easily be confused.
  10. Research online whether the name is already being used by another company somewhere in the world.

A name is found step by step: If you are looking for a company name, start by rummaging through word and phrase fields and set priorities. The company name can also be discussed in the team. In addition, the company name should be checked for existing rights of other company names. Name generators can help you find the right company name.

The NameRobot Toolbox offers a name generator with which entrepreneurs and companies can search for a company name or develop product and project names that are unique. From the first collection of ideas to the brand check, NameRobot offers various professional tools with which you can search for a company name.

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Protect and verify company name

It is important: if you are looking for a company name, make sure that the company name does not infringe the naming rights of existing companies. Brand names that have already been registered can lead to lawsuits against your company name.

Let the Chamber of Commerce and Industry check in good time whether your company name has not yet been assigned in the relevant register of the local court. The IHK can also carry out this research nationwide.

You can use the following databases to research existing company or brand names:

The company name is used by companies that are entered in the commercial register. Freelancers and companies that are not registered in the commercial register can use a business name for advertising purposes, among other things.

If you would like to operate internationally in the future, the company name should also be spoken in all target countries. In addition, the company name should not trigger negative associations in other languages. You can have this checked quickly and easily by native speakers. In addition, the company name can be tested for effectiveness by a number of test subjects. The company name can also be checked for negative or undesirable associations. It can also be tested whether the company name is remembered and quickly remembered. In order not to take any risks, you are well advised if the company name goes through these different test areas - brand, competition and language tests. The company name is then definitely usable.

Conclusion: Find the perfect company name

Once the company name has been found and protected, it should not be changed if possible. Because that can be very expensive: the logo has to be changed, all contracts, business address - and last but not least, customers have to be informed about the name change. Therefore, you should give yourself enough time to find a name and not risk hasty decisions.

You may not find the perfect company name without the help of friends, family, and potential customers. Get involved with ideas and play around with them until you and others are convinced of the choice and it is guaranteed that no trademark rights are infringed. It is worth it! And if all else fails: NameRobot's company name generator will help you.

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