The first distant cousins ​​share blood

So I have these many hundreds, thousands, millions of new cousins. I thought: What can I do with this information? So I decided to have a party. I will do that now. And you are all invited. Next year, in summer, I will be hosting what will hopefully be the biggest and best family reunion in history. (Applause) Thank you. I hope they will come. I want you to be there. It will take place in the New York Hall of Science, a great venue, and also the site of the former World's Fair. I think that's very appropriate because I see it as a family celebration that meets a world exhibition. There will be exhibitions, food, music. Paul McCartney is only 11 steps away, I hope he brings his guitar. He has not yet responded to the invitation, but I hope for the best. There will be a day of lectures by fascinating cousins. The planning is still in its infancy, but I already have a lot in preparation. My cousin Cass Sunstein, probably the greatest legal scholar, will speak. He was a member of the Obama administration. On the other side of the political spectrum, George H.W. Bush, number 41, the father, he has agreed to attend. And the comedian Nick Kroll, and Dr. Oz, and many more. Most importantly, you come, I want you all to be there and I invite you to go to and find out where you are on the family tree because these are important topics, family and tribe, and I don't know all the answers, but I have a lot of clever relatives and you are one of them. I think we can do this together. Only together can we solve these big problems. From cousin to cousin and cousin, thank you! I look forward to seeing you. Goodbye. (Applause)