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FALLOUT Inspired: Pipboy Fast Travelers

FALLOUT [4] Inspired: Pipboy Fast Travelers!
[Grid-Wide Travel Devices based on Fallout Games] 100% MESH!

Final Update issued: 05/13/2019

* Three "NEW" songs added to the Wasteland Radio in Control [HUD]!

* Cosmetic changes to Menu Icons for a better overall appearance!

* New "FREE" Bonus Item - Fallout [4] inspired Vault 111 Mesh "Male" Vault Suit! Also includes Alpha Layer, & Optional Male Shape! :)

Short Introduction: Are you one of the millions of Fallout fans out there who enjoys the ability to fast travel back to locations with ease, instead of having to walk the entire way back? XD Ever wanted to travel Second Life that same way using a Pipboy Device to do so? Tired of the same old boring Teleporting in Second Life? Then this is the Fallout inspired package for you! Introducing the Fallout Inspired Pipboy FAST TRAVELERS! : D

Last Update [V.4]: 03/21/2018

* Pipboys will now fit most Tiny / Child / Tween / Young Adult Females & Males / & or Humanoid Avatars using our new Updated Resize Menu! Scale from small, to large, and everything in-between!

Older Update: 02/22/2018

* Set Default music player settings to "LOCAL", making the HUD play music directly to your Avatar's Camera! This makes it so that no matter where your camera is, all music will be heard clear as crystal!

* Added New song replacing an older one that had skip issues.The new song is a tribute to the Fallout 4 DLC FAR HARBOR! Song is "Somewhere Beyond the Sea" by: Bobby Darin!

Included in package:

* Four styles of Pipboy Forearm "attached" devices!

1. Golden | Steampunk

2. Silver | Chrome

3. Moss | Green

4. Gothic | Midnight

NOTE: Each Pipboy features:
Animated Screens, Flash Light, & Enlarger!

* Pipboy Fast Travel [HUD]
Functions listed below:

* Controlled Fast Travel Menu, easy to add your own locations, but comes jam packed with default preset locations to explore.

* Music Menu, to access settings for a total of 10 Fallout themed songs!

* Return home function to return back to a desired set home location instantly. Chat Command Set Save!

Price: Just 350L

& As always, be sure to check us out in world second life, for our Complete lineup of Products!

Tempest Inc. Creations Company, it's products, or actions, are in no way intended to infringe upon any real world copyrights. All products are original designs, any resemblance to real world objects is purely coincidental, and is in no way meant to infringe upon any rights. All Linden Dollar proceeds from sales are used to sustain production, & maintain shop rental costs.

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