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InnoWood kick-off workshop 6-7. July 2017

Following the coordination meeting of the Innowood project in July, a two-day meeting took place with specific reference and schedule planning for this year's activities.

The first day began with a detailed presentation of the project partners. It was possible to get a full picture of the participants' role in the program, their activities and the results they achieved. Interactivity was a key factor in the event from the start. As a result of the questions, the strengths of the actors, the network of contacts made available for the greatest benefit of the project, were quickly identified.

In the first round, the foreign partners were able to receive more information about PANFA and the University of Sopron. They got to know the Hungarian conditions and challenges, which was later supplemented by a lecture by Pál Levente Németh from Fabak Kft.
The presentation on the Austrian side began with the presentation by Evelin Schmidt from Holzcluster Steiermark GmbH. DI Dr. Manfred Ninaus from the IITF Institute for Innovation and Trend Research announced the possibilities and methods of the research area, and finally Silke Palkovits-Rauter presented the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland GmbH.
During the discussion of the first items on the agenda, it was already noticeable that the Innowood project is prominently positioned among all participants. It is certainly encouraging for the result of the program that the participants reacted in a very goal-oriented manner to the questions asked. The team was able to continue the plan on the second day and put together specific activities for this year.

As a first joint program, Dr. Levente Dénes led the group through the Natural Resources Research Center (NRRC), which the foreign partners also found impressive. They immediately discussed future opportunities for cooperation.
The presentation of the positive development practice at home was demonstrated by László Szikszai, the owner of sixay FURNITURE, during the day.
As a continuation of the second day, discussions took place on the given topics and sub-activities. The working phase of the development of the situation will focus on the needs of the timber companies in the border region and on the joint development of furniture and wood products, based on the agreed methodology.
When analyzing the possibilities for implementing innovations, the participants presented both Hungarian and Austrian experiences. Then they worked out ways to get new information. Finally, the online sales system was put on the agenda and its framework conditions discussed. It was found that the planned online platform will be successfully implemented on the basis of the previous activities and their results.
The planned work was carried out by the participants of the workshop, the following steps were determined and finally everyone got up from the table satisfied.