How is pork imported into China

After the first case of African swine fever (ASF) in Germany, China imposed an import ban on German pork. This was reported by the Chinese customs administration. China is the largest buyer of pork from Germany outside the EU.

All deliveries of meat and products from pigs or wild boars that are shipped from Saturday should be destroyed or sent back. All deliveries that were previously sent should be examined more closely before they are released, the message says

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture wants to continue promoting trade opportunities. The Chinese government is in talks to reach a regionalization agreement, said a spokeswoman. This aims to limit import bans only to companies from affected German regions, as is regulated within the EU. The ministry confirmed that there has now been a notification of the import ban from the Chinese side.

The ban comes two days after the animal disease, which is fatal for pigs but harmless to humans, was first detected in a dead wild boar in Brandenburg near the border with Poland. This confirms one of the greatest concerns of pig farmers and the meat industry. A break in the Chinese market "would hit us very, very hard," said farmers' president Joachim Rukwied on ZDF on Friday.

China is the largest pork consumer in the world. Since it has been battling a massive swine fever outbreak itself since late 2018, the country has taken tough measures. Well over 100 million animals died or were emergency slaughtered in China last year.

The location of the dead, infected wild boar in Brandenburg is currently being fenced off. Since Friday, a mobile electric fence with a length of twelve kilometers has been erected in a core zone of three kilometers around the site. The fence construction should be completed on Saturday, as the affected districts Spree-Neisse and Oder-Spree announced.