How to make cups for arrows

Tinker quiver of arrows

For the quiver there is no picture-supported handicraft instruction available yet.

We recommend making arrows first and then the quiver, as the length of the arrow quiver is so much easier to determine!


Step 1

Remove the lid from the mailing tube. If necessary, shorten the mailing tube to the required length (ask an adult for help if necessary). In general, you should test or measure whether the feathers of the arrows touch the edge of the roll when they are in it. If you do this, the roll must be shortened, otherwise the feathers will tatter when you pull out the arrows, the arrows fly worse and are quickly broken!


2nd step

Now cut three strips out of the corrugated cardboard that fit around the roll: two narrow strips for both ends so the carrier cannot slip off the roll later, and one wide one for the middle of the roll so that both carriers cannot get into the middle slip. Glue them in place.


3rd step

When everything is dry, you attach the (carrier) tape to the non-glued spaces. A few tries are usually necessary, especially with normal tape, until the right length is found.


4th step

Fill in the arrows and off you go! wishes you lots of fun!