Do you think inspiration comes from God?

Who do you believe in

We all believe. All the time. We believe in different ways. We do it over and over again. Everyone believes. Even if he does not believe in anything, he believes that it is right not to believe in anything. You can't not believe.

1. Different types of beliefs
1.1. Faith = certainty with hope
1.2. Disappointed belief
1.3. Incredible
1.4. Don't believe ?!
2. Belief in a higher being or a higher idea
3. What Christians Believe In
4. A provocative offer

1. Different types of beliefs
Here are some types of faith:

1.1. Faith = certainty with hope
Let's take an example. You get on the bus. You believe in good faith that there is a person at the wheel who a. Is a bus driver, b. has a bus driver's license and c. also stops in the right places.
Or you turn on your television in good faith that it will turn on. And that's how you turn on the light ... we all behave like that all the time.
Without faith we couldn't survive at all. We just can't keep checking everything. We can't ask every bus driver for his driver's license ... or turn on the television every time ...
In that sense, belief has a lot to do with certainty. Behind this is the hope that it will work again. We have already seen a hundred times how the bus stopped properly or the light went on. Many have experienced it similarly. We hope and have certainty. So we get back in and just turn on the TV.

1.2. Disappointed belief
However, belief can sometimes be quite disappointing. I once believed that I had bought a really great car. Even if it had an accident before. Trusting the dealer's quality, I bought it. After a week I stupidly realized: The car was incredibly bad. Water ran into the trunk. The electronics went crazy, but interestingly only when I braked and the light was on at the same time ... Besides, you couldn't fill it up properly ...
So the belief I had was disappointed. Despite certainty and hope.

1.3. Incredible?!
We don't immediately believe other things. E.g. if I told you now that I would invite you to MC Donalds next Friday - via Facebook - all of Germany - at my own expense. Cool idea. But do you think so? I won't do it either - no matter how firmly you believe, you can be absolutely sure, have hope to the limit - I won't do that. I am not crazy.

1.4. No matter belief
Some beliefs are also superficial. I think Ice Age 4 will be on TV tomorrow, but I don't really know. Does not matter. I don't care anyway. It's a children's film ;-). And when the film comes, it will come, if not I'll watch something else.

It becomes clear that there are different types or modes of belief:

  • No matter belief: superficial, without hope, because it is simply irrelevant
  • Disbelief: we don't even believe because it just seems totally unrealistic
  • Disappointed belief: we believed wrongly, as I did with my car
  • Secure belief: with hope and certainty, based on personal or other experiences

Belief in the 21st century - completely normal, completely correct, completely okay…. But what about believing in a higher being, in a higher idea - in a God?

2. Belief in a higher being or a higher idea
There are also people who know exactly what is going on: They know that there is a God and they also know which God one should believe in. You have certainty and hope.
Then there are people who are initially sure that some god is the right one and then at some point discover that it is not true. You have been disappointed. Or they believe in money, their career, their family, their own power and find that ultimately it does not make them happy.
Then there are people who think that the thing about God is completely unbelievable.
Then there are people who don't care. Belief in God doesn't matter to them.

Here, too, we encounter the different types of faith. What is right?

Above all, it is right that we think about it and talk about it. Everything is talked about, but whether there is a God who might want something from me ... is only talked about in very private circles. Or still in church. But hardly anyone goes there. We cannot cope with this at all without faith. Because you can't not believe.
And my belief in a higher being or a higher idea has very concrete effects on my life. For example, belief in a higher being answers the questions: Where do we come from? Where are we going? How shall we live Totally important questions.
If you think that you happen to be here, then it doesn't matter how you live. You have to find a goal for yourself: family, fun ... If you believe in a higher being, then the type of being matters. If you believe that the bad guys must be destroyed, then you throw bombs ... if you think that everything is a coincidence, you do nothing ...
If you believe that you are not here by chance, but that there is a higher being that you wanted, then it would be interesting to know what you should be here and what the goal of your life is then. You should then possibly live according to it. This has a specific effect on your behavior and your lifestyle. It affects whether you are happy, can be cool in various situations ... It affects whether you love your neighbor or not. Whether you love your enemy, how you deal with the environment ...
Folks, it's time we thought about it. Why do you think our world looks like this? Not least because people think they know exactly what is going on and how to do it. And why do you think you know that? Because they believe in something: in capital, in some higher being, in nothing, in themselves, ...
What do you believe in? Do you have to decide at some point? And for that you have to think.

3. What Christians Believe In
Before you choose a faith you should know the Christian creed. It definitely stimulates the mind. It's actually not about the creed itself. It's about the person behind it.
I am introducing it to you now. I believe. Not me alone. All Christian churches have summarized their faith in the so-called Apostolicum. That was over 1,600 years ago (see Wikipedia). This document is just as important for people who believe in Christian God as it is for those who do not believe in Him. Because it explains faith and gets to the point. This confession makes it clear: Christians believe in a living God. A Christian can use it to formulate his faith simply and clearly - as a person of different faith you can then deal with the faith.
I think it's important to be able to say clearly when you believe in. Whether learned by heart or not - the main thing is that you know it and you can easily formulate it.
And here it is (see also I will go into the bold sections again in particular:

I believe in God the Father Almighty
the Creator of heaven and earth,
and on Jesus Christ,
his only begotten son, ours Mr,
received by the Holy Spirit,
born of the virgin mary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
crucified, died and buried,
descended into the realm of death,
on the third day risen from the dead,
ascended to heaven;
he sits at the right hand of God the Almighty Father;
from there he will come to judge the living and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit
the holy general Christian church,
Communion of saints, forgiveness of sins,
Resurrection of the dead
and eternal life.


1. As Christians, we believe that God made everything, including us. So we are wanted. That's good for your self-esteem. We also know: God wants something from us. He wants to give us meaning and hope. More on this in God's book, the Bible.
2. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who enables the creatures to get in contact with the Creator again. That is why Jesus was sent by the Father. He removes the separation between God and man. He creates relationship by forgiving the guilt.
3. For he was crucified, died and buried, and above all rose again. He overcame the power of death and made it possible for everyone to live forever. Because, as it becomes clear at the end: He has forgiven the guilt and he enables the resurrection of the dead and eternal life with God!
4. Christians believe that this is what they will experience when Jesus comes again. They believe that one day Jesus will come out of heaven to establish his good kingdom here on earth, and then to create a new heaven and a new earth.
5. After he has passed judgment. Everyone gets their fair judgment. Whoever knows Jesus has eternal life, whoever does not know him will be separated from God for ever.

I could of course go into more details now. But one thing is already becoming clear. This belief is not trivial. It has something to do with my daily life. It determines my thinking, acting, feeling, my view of things, my perspective. It determines my life before death and after death. This belief is a certainty, a hope that we actually know will come true.
This belief is not foolish or outdated. On the contrary - it has proven itself over hundreds of years. It's high quality. Billions of people believe this and have believed it.

4. A provocative offer
And that belief is a challenging proposition. It is not an off-the-shelf belief. It's provocative. It is the offer to believe in the living God. Jesus Christ once said (Revelation, chapter 3, verse 20: "Pay attention, I stand at the door and knock! If someone hears my voice and opens the door, I will stop at him. I will have the meal with him and he with me. "

You have to get involved in believing in the living God. The decision is yours. In any case, you now know what constitutes the Christian faith. And you should definitely check it out. You don't usually buy the first car that comes your way. Instead, you check the offers beforehand. So you have to do it with your faith too. Check him out. You cannot disbelieve. So choose a really good faith. I believe that believing in the living God is the best choice.

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