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Streaming TV isn't just a new way to watch. It's a new genre.
- James Poniewozik / The New York Times


Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Video or Hulu give viewers in the USA unrestricted access to a large number of German films and TV programs in subtitled versions. The providers grant subscribers to these services unlimited access to new films and series that would rarely have made it into US theaters, standard cable networks, or conventional commercial broadcast networks. The internet is becoming the more common way that television is consumed.

The optimized sales channels have not only changed user behavior in the long term (linear television is giving way to "binge" behavior), but also the quality and formats of the productions that have been created under these specifications.

International streaming services, German production companies and regional broadcasters follow the spirit of the times. You generate an unusually large amount of benevolent attention for German television with series that appeal to the global audience through intelligent and original writing, varied motifs, talented casts and opulent productions.

Conversely, this development also means significantly more high-quality productions developed in Germany, which in turn enrich the domestic market and thus promote German talent.

  • Photo (detail): © Nik Konietzny / Bavaria Fiction GmbH, 2018
    The boat
    Do you suffer from claustrophobia? Then this series may cause anxiety. The series The boat, which tells of the events on board the submarine U 612 of the German Navy in 1942, lets the audience feel the claustrophobic atmosphere on board. You can also get anxious when you hear the amount of the budget: The continuation of the 1981 feature film by Wolfgang Petersen as a series in 2018 cost 26.5 million euros The boat per episode even more expensive than the mammoth production of the pay TV channel Sky, Babylon Berlin.
  • Photo (detail): © picture-alliance / dpa / Nestor Bachmann
    Weissensee is a series about the decline of the GDR and about two families in East Berlin who couldn't be more different: While one family works for the Stasi, the other belongs to the critical milieu. It is about love relationships between two members of the two fundamentally different families, betrayal, greed, struggle and power. But Weissensee is also a political thriller in which German history before, during and after reunification plays an important role.
  • Photo (detail): © MDR / Julie Vrabelova
    The conditions under which doctors, nurses and researchers worked at the Berlin hospital at the end of the 19th century were tough Charité work. Simple infections are fatal and half of newborns do not survive. In the three emperors year 1888, diseases such as syphilis, diphtheria and tuberculosis are fought at the Charité. The story is atmospherically dense, and the board of directors of today's Charité was enthusiastic about the historical accuracy with which director Sönke Wortmann tells of medical professionals like Rudolf Virchow or Robert Koch who made medical history at the time.
  • Photo (detail): © UFA FICTION GmbH / Anika Molnár
    Germany ’83 / ’86
    How Weissensee also tells Germany '83 of German-German history. But the focus here is on tension: it's about espionage, the Cold War and the possible outbreak of a third world war. The viewers get in Germany '83 to see a chess game of the world powers. In the meantime there is also a sequel: Germany '86. Here the producers ask the complex question: Can communism still be saved with the help of the practices of capitalism?
  • Photo (detail): © ZDF / Stefan Erhard
    Ku’damm ’56 / ’59
    For this series, too, the producers decided on a rather simple title: Ku'damm '56 and ’59. Strictly speaking, this is more of a multi-part television film that is about emancipation in the 1950s. How things were in German society in the post-war period and during the economic miracle is illustrated by the example of the family-run dance school Gallant on Ku’damm, in which the guests explored the limits of prudery and lived out their sexuality.

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