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How We Rate Electronic Cigarette Sets

Battery power / vapor / feel when pulling

Although one initially thinks that these three points are very different from each other, in reality this is not the case because all three factors are interrelated.

The performance of the battery has a direct influence on the volume of the generated steam and thus also on the feeling when pulling. Apart from the flavors offered, these three factors are the most important aspects to which an e-cigarette buyer should pay attention.

For this reason, we provide detailed insights into the performance of the battery (charging times, durability of a charge, responsiveness, etc.), how much vapor the respective device emits and how strong the feeling in the throat is when pulling - zu low, too scratchy, or just right.

This is probably the most important factor in an e-cigarette, because if the taste is not right, even the best components will not do much.

Unfortunately, there are some manufacturers in this area who have their flavors produced in China, which sometimes leads to frustrating results.

The leading brands usually produce the flavors themselves, which usually results in better quality. In addition, the cartomizers usually last longer, which means that you simply get more for your money.

We have dealt extensively with the flavors offered and whether these are also subject to quality controls before they are released for sale.

Which nicotine strengths are offered?

In your own research, you will come across many electronic cigarette companies and suppliers, including some not listed on this page.

However, the many manufacturers often differ in their range of different nicotine strengths. Some providers only have one or two strengths on offer, which is simply not enough for many.

More importantly, nicotine cannot be compared directly so easily. A small example: provider A and provider B both have the nicotine strength 18mg in the cartomizers.

These can, however, differ in taste and also create a different feeling in the throat when they are pulled.

We also show this in our field reports.

Customer service also plays a role for us

As a rule, hardly anyone loses a single thought about how good a provider's customer service is, but buys a product of their choice.

However, you should pay close attention to this factor, especially when it comes to electronic devices.

Isn't it better to know that someone is always available if you have any questions or concerns?

In addition, the providers differ in terms of availability: some can only be reached by email, while others allow contact via email, live chat and telephone.

In terms of customer service, there are serious differences and there are also offers where availability is catastrophic. We go into detail about how good the customer service offered by the individual providers really is.

The meaning "price" is versatile. All in all, it's just a number. However, we not only indicate the price as such, but also provide information about whether the customer is offered a lot or little in our opinion.

There are starter sets that are offered cheaply (or expensive), but we ask each individual product what is offered for your money.

This is a critical factor in helping customers make informed decisions. We also provide our readers with exclusive e-cigarette discount codes free of charge, if any are available.

Is there a money-back guarantee & warranty?

Again, this is one of the most important points to consider before deciding to buy a particular product.

While our testimonials were created as professionally and comprehensibly as we could, we find time and again that the choice is ultimately a matter of taste.

Our personal favorite is Powercigs while others prefer a different manufacturer, which is absolutely fine.

What you have to make sure, however, is whether the provider also offers a warranty and money-back guarantee. So you always have the security that the purchased product can be returned before you even think about buying it.

How about shipping?

We don't speak for everyone, but there is an important word for us: nicotine! We want this material and, if possible, without long waiting times!

There are brands in the industry where shipping can take several weeks, but when making the selection we made sure that the suppliers deliver the ordered products as quickly as possible.

Nevertheless, there are huge differences in terms of shipping and we will also go into this point in the individual testimonials.

How do I choose the right starter set?

Before you buy a starter set, you should try to test the e-cigarettes first. Of course, it is best if you can try out the products on a friend or acquaintance.

Alternatively, we advise you to first get a disposable e-cigarette from the respective manufacturer, although there is a crucial difference to real e-cigarettes.

The disposable e-cigarette can only be used until the battery and / or the e-cigarette liquid is running low, after which you can throw it directly into the garbage can.

If you choose a refillable product, you always need components. Buying these components individually is much more expensive in the end than buying a starter set that includes all the components you need.

Among other things, it is a USB adapter, charger, at least one battery (often two), cartridges in the desired flavors and finally the e-cigarette, which usually consists of two parts.

A starter set offers the best price-performance ratio, because you pay significantly less than purchasing all these components individually.

Please do not make the mistake and only use the price as the only factor. This also applies if you cannot choose between several products.

Many buyers tend to automatically choose the product with the smaller price tag if they are indecisive.

However, the products with a higher purchase price often offer decisive advantages such as larger batteries or membership in the club or other aspects that affect the quality.

When it comes to e-cigarettes, it's not just the appearance of the product that counts, there are numerous aspects that must be taken into account.

Then there is of course the taste, one of the most important aspects for most vapers.

If the offer is not right here, the quality of the individual components can still be as good, if the product doesn't taste good, most vapers do without it.

Variants for starter sets

There are companies in the industry that only make a small selection available, but there is a selection of the front runners such as V2 and Powercigs that has washed itself: Starting with very simple versions, through deluxe versions to unusual collections, there is a wide range of well-known brands.

Starter sets should definitely be equipped with a charger, adapter, cartridges with various flavors and batteries.

The Jacvapour brand even offers PPC (Personal Charging Case).

In the meantime there are also products such as USB e-cigs (from Green Smoke), which are simply plugged into a USB port and can therefore be charged quickly and easily. Starter sets can be sold with a case, but do not have to be.

Do not expect accessories such as car chargers or carrier bags, because such products are usually only available in the very large starter sets.

This type of accessory can also be purchased separately from the well-known brands at any time.

Thomas Wellenbach has devoted himself completely to the vaping market for almost 5 years now. What began with a short self-experiment and a bet resulted in the greatest passion of his relatively young life. The 28-year-old now runs a comparison portal for e-cigarettes and has gathered a team of international insiders in this field.