When will all people be vegan?

New research results Everyone gets full if they go vegetarian

Let's assume that all 323 million Americans would decide to go vegetarian or vegan from now on. They would not only thank them for every beef and pork that was spared as a result. But also 350 million people who could be nourished as a result. This is the conclusion of an international team of researchers led by the Israeli environmental researcher Ron Milo in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The calculation goes like this: On an area that can produce 100 kilograms of vegetable food, only four kilograms of beef can be produced. The researchers call that a 96 percent loss. It is 90 percent for pork and 75 percent for dairy products. For chicken it is half the area and even for eggs it is 40 percent. In other words: With vegetable food you can produce at least twice as many proteins and calories in the same area as with animal food - with beef even twenty times as much.

Less meat, less waste

The results show a basic problem in supplying mankind with sufficient food: the high meat consumption in the western world is at the expense of poorer countries. According to the scientists, there are up to 15 kilograms of animal feed in one kilogram of meat. The fields on which the fodder is grown could also be used to cultivate vegetable food for humans. This leads to the assumption: If not only Europe and North America insist on their prosperity, but other countries demand this luxury, it will be difficult to feed the world.

A vegetarian diet is of course not feasible for all people. Also because it would have to be ensured that there is no malnutrition. Thus, in addition to meat consumption, food waste must also be reduced. Because current figures from WWF show that a third of our food ends up in the garbage.