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Leadership skills: efficient diagnostics and development

Develop leadership skills: learn from the best

Effective method of learning skills (10-20-70)

The Learn of Competencies is working different than learning from Knowledge. A competence is successfully applied knowledge. It's comparable to that Learning a sport. It can be helpful for a tennis player to know about ballistics; but he will only win a tournament by practicing. It is similar with leadership skills: you have to try it out and continue when it is measurable successes set (see section 2).

The Learning research shows, that 10 percent of the learning success (of a competence) Reading and listening occurrence. Round 20 percent We owe our learning success to other people (mostlyRole models). Finally come 70 percent of learning from the Practice. Modern management development has developed numerous instruments for this purpose. See the presentation "Effective leadership development".

Support of leadership development

The task (mission) of our institute we see in Line manager and their service providers (Executive developer) in the Selection and development of high potentials and managers to support. We determine the most suitable methods through our practice-oriented research (Best practice), which we often call Contract research perform for companies involved in the Leadership development one Competitive advantage want to have.

As a starting point for the Development of leadership skills we always suggest a reliable one diagnosis the Personality traits, values and Competencies of High potentials and Executives so that no false expectations and illusions arise. Typical diagnostic tools are Behavioral interviews, Test procedure or that 360 degree feedback based on validated questionnaires. This can be found underManagement skills try out.

Effectiveness and importance of coaching and training

Building on this, we propose a personal one Coaching or (for larger companies) Collegial coaching in front. You can find more information on our Coaching site. We also recommend our notes on Effectiveness of coaching as well as the critical assessment of the Systemic coaching. Our coaching is about a short-term and a long-term Personal development plan to be used as the basis for a discussion with the Disciplinary Supervisor.

If you have a Coaching, a training or one consultation you can contact us at any time to contact.