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Pretentious but not extraordinary: Lady Gaga - "Artpop"

With Lady Gaga it always has to be a little different / Photo: Inez and Vinoodh Photo

But one looks in vain for the great art that “Artpop” is supposed to be sold to us as on the record. Most of the songs disappear in the drawer of Lady Gaga Dance Pop randomness: a lot of pop - including a lot of danceable and club-suitable -, little art. However, artistic demands and the deviation from the norm can be found in "Aura", the song from the trailer for the film "Machete Kills", in which Lady Gaga herself can be seen as an actress. Together with the psychedelic trance duo Infected Mushroom, the US superstar has created an extraordinary piece, interspersed with different styles, constantly interrupted and therefore unpredictable. But not necessarily a feast for the ears for fans of traditional pop music.

Lady Gaga between pop, psychedelic trance and ballad

More pleasant for conventional ears is the successful ballad “Dope”, which stands out from the majority “Artpop” with its unhurriedness. In addition, Lady Gaga manages to remind us that she can actually sing.

So let's summarize: Lady Gaga couldn't answer the question of what art actually is with “Artpop” either. In the end, the album is only disappointing if you expected an earth-shaking work of art. At some points the record will please listeners with more eccentric musical tastes, but in exactly the same places they will encounter the traditional little monster - although Mama Monster is already used to a lot, from eccentricity to ordinary.

"Artpop" by Lady Gaga has been in record stores since November 8, 2013.

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