What are the best Led Zeppelin songs

Led Zeppelin: The 20 best songs from the legend

The debut of the greatest rock band of all time will be 50 years old on Saturday. We celebrate with

London (according to) - On January 12, 1969, exactly 50 years ago, the career of a great, if not even, began THE greatest rock band the planet has ever seen: Led Zeppelin. In their original formation, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham were considered legends. The question now arises as to what makes a rock band a legend. As if there were: An incredibly good guitarist. Jimmy Page, check. A front man who plays the rampage pig. Robert Plant, check. A multi-instrumentalist who spares both of them. John Paul Jones, check! A drum animal that rolled the previous guys a rhythm foundation, John Bonham, check.

Jimmy Page is not only a gifted guitarist, but was also always on the lookout for new elements that he could incorporate into the Led Zeppelin songs. Robert Plant, blessed with a powerful voice, is the prototype of the hard rock singer. His poses and the exuberant expression he gave on stage were often imitated afterwards. John Paul Jones is the glue that holds all the elements together, and philosophizing about Bonzo's drumming is not only a lot of fun for amateur drummers.

The ride started with the opener "Good Times Bad Times" from Zep's debut, which celebrates its 50-year-old on Saturday. And since then the rock world has not been what it was before. We recap the British career with our selection of ...

... 20 best Led Zeppelin songs

By the way. "Stairway To Heaven". We let the song that is voted at the top of the 'The Best Songs of All Time' lists run out of competition here. Here you can see it in a dreamlike cover version and ... hear it or something ...