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Obvious dangers of the IT age

Recently the author failed - once again - the WLAN. The provider hotline could not say for how long and recommended going for a walk or reading a book in between. In fact, after a few hours, the PC, phone and TV were back on.

But through this preliminary stage of a general power failure, you could once again see how you can sort out your various chip cards from your wallet when it occurs. B. instead of a smartphone pocket and pen. After all, the sirens have been reintroduced, the reader may think, and then: How did it go at Porsche when the entire production stopped due to an IT error in mid-October 2019?

What were EMOTET or NOTPETYA again? Why did various networks fail in December 2019 and January 2020? And: What might have happened to the “EMP” (electromagnetic pulse), which was said to be able to switch off low-voltage systems across the board during the Cold War? What significance do the submarine cables in the Atlantic have for our vital systems, and what were non-NATO submarines looking for there in 2019? Or: How is it z. B. about our gas supply (LÜKEX 2018) with and without "Nordstream 2"?

And what will "ANN" do? The author has no knowledge of this. BMI and BBK have certainly been informed: It is forecast that “ANN” (Artificial Neural Networks), that is, the artificial neural networks, can create a new technical age that will multiply the previous IT possibilities a hundredfold. This technology, it is said, will expand explosively, shake humanity and (among other things) transform military command posts in data centers and soldiers into the drivers of an arsenal of autonomous weapons and drones, says Google. The “locusts” of this world are already investing.

Are there dangers to the population that cannot be overcome with the available options? Will it then perhaps not be possible to maintain the new mandatory receipt in the event of a general failure of the network? What then, dear government - sale without receipts? No, seriously: this development has also been known for a long time at the levels of the EU, the federal government and the BBK. But when does civil protection come into the focus of politics in this regard? When is the public allowed to find out what government, parliament, parties, and the media are saying about it and what resources they are demanding based on the knowledge of the experts and all in the language of the citizens?

Some hobby hackers may not be concerned about such developments and imagine, rubbing their hands, that they would soon be able to finally brake an autonomous school bus on their doorstep to the permitted 30. Maybe soon with over-the-counter software from Amazon?

Joking aside: some of those who stir up enthusiasm for the seamless digitization of our lives may not only have an eye on the kitchen cooking on a smartphone, but want us to put the famous rope around our necks. Because infantile-looking freaks could also be agents of a strategically well-foresighted opponent. What is easier to subjugate economically or militarily than a Europe with a collapsed infrastructure? Not only "New Dark Age" by James Bridle, 2019, gives an insight into this. Egmont R. Koch and Jochen Sperber, "The Data Mafia", opened our eyes back in 1995. And Marc Elsberg's 2012 crime thriller “Blackout” has long since become a European manual for civil protection. The digital electricity meters that can play into the hands of an opponent are currently being installed everywhere.

Anyone who refers to the vulnerability of our electronic systems from the point of view of - hybrid - overall defense naturally carries owls to Athens and Ahrweiler. Emergency stockpiling has long been rediscovered, to name just one of the many topics that are the subject of the BBK with admirable seamlessness. Other federal offices are also involved.

And the citizen? Is he sensitized and knows what to do? That the biggest question mark belongs to this question is hardly disputed! The transfer of the knowledge of our experts in politics, media, economy, administration to teachers, mothers and fathers, in the whole of society and the work for the acceptance there require enormous additional forces and resources!

BBK Citizen Information No. 3 "Power Failure" from January 2019 shows how it works: Information is provided in the language of the citizen, without any pseudo-scientific gossip. But how is dissemination, support and success measured?