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security Protect your Facebook account: How to secure your data


Your Facebook profile should be protected from possible misuse. Hackers could spread viruses or spam through your Facebook profile. In addition, professional burglar gangs have specialized in determining locations and places of residence from social media data in order to then break into the empty apartment. We'll show you how to make things as difficult as possible for criminals. You will also receive a few tips on how you can better protect your privacy. The links in this article will take you to the relevant Facebook pages, where you can make the changes directly. To do this, you have to be logged into Facebook.

Add secure password and mobile number

Remove old devices and apps

  • Sign out: You may have used your Facebook account on a friend's computer, at work or even on a public PC. There is then the possibility that you are still logged in on Facebook and that unauthorized persons can log in. Here you can see the devices on which you are permanently logged into Facebook. You can unsubscribe individually or under "Log out of all sessions"remove all at once.
  • Stop apps from accessing your account information: When you log into apps like Spotify or Twitter with your Facebook account, you allow them access to your Facebook account information. In this overview you can see which apps you have given access to your account or your account information. You can remove access there again. Detailed instructions on how to delete app shortcuts from Facebook can be found here.

Collapse Facebook search

Your privacy page should now look like this:

Stay in control of your history

  • In the timeline and flagging settings, you can control who can write on your timeline and what flagging you allow on photos or in posts.
  • Change the "Who can post on your timeline?" the target group to "Friends". This will prevent spam from third parties.
  • If you want to keep track of markings on photos or in posts and want to determine yourself which markings you allow, you should here the history check on "Activated". You should also check the image on"Activated" to change.
  • You can also restrict the visibility of chronicle articles in which you have been marked. Set the options under "Who can see posts you have been tagged in in your timeline?" and "You can add people to the audience of a post that you've been tagged in." on "Friends"or"CustomThis allows you to hide posts from the public in which you have already been tagged.

For good protection, your history and flag settings should look like this (the old Facebook design above, the new Facebook design below):

Let friends help you

If you have problems logging in, you can select 3 to 5 friends here, who in this case will receive a code. You can use these codes to regain access to your Facebook account. Just click the link above and then follow the instructions.

Do not appear in advertisements

If your account remains in the default settings, you automatically consent to the use of your profile picture for Facebook advertisements ("Sponsored Stories"). For example, if you like a product, your Facebook contacts may see it. Click here and then go to "Nobody"to revoke the consent. As the portal t3n reported in 2014, the so-called" sponsored stories "are no longer available on Facebook.

In this article, we will explain how you can remove even more data traces from Facebook.