We can study at home

Study at home : "We went wild within a very short time"

I don't know if it was my food, at least the children suddenly started cooking. They rolled over cookbooks, wrote shopping lists, and then devastated the kitchen with homemade pizza, carrot soup, potato cakes, rice pan, rolls and bread, cakes and biscuits. The first grader began to work out recipes with great enthusiasm. “If I need 250 grams of flour for two people, it's 500 for four people, isn't it?” I was thrilled. Now we had also built Montessori elements into our homeschooling program.

On the other hand, I perceived the in-house specialist lessons as rather unsettling. Seven-year-old: “Mom, can't we even put a bottle of propane gas in the microwave and add a piece of aluminum foil as a detonator?” I: “Definitely not!” He: “But it just explodes a bit. Really! ”Shortly afterwards I found a tightly closed plastic tube under a pillow in the children's room with a cloudy, blue liquid in which strange things were floating. "What is that?" I asked the nine year old. "The? Oh, these are probably cut fingernails. The blue is bath additive. And the bigger one is a dead beetle that - guess who - cut through. He wanted to see if that would go away. “Oh. Well then.