What makes Shradha Kapoor so beautiful

Big cinema on the Stubai Glacier

The so far most expensive Bollywood film of all time is called "Saaho" and parts of it are among other things also on Stubai Glacier been turned. At the TOP OF TYROL at an altitude of 3,210 meters that was Love song "Enni Soni" recorded.

I read that one once successful Bollywood film nine components traditional Indian art. you will be "Rasas" called and consist of Terror, anger, comedy, pathos, disgust, wonder, peace, heroism and love. These elements are usually packaged in a film that lasts up to four hours and more, which is peppered with stunted action, scenes for laughing, a lot of heartache and intrigue, but above all with colorful dance and singing interludesin rapidly changing, beautiful landscapes to be shown. The directors and producers from India have often used the backdrop for this Tyrol and also in Stubai Valley found.

This is what happened in June of this year when the TOP OF TYROL summit platform at the Stubai Glacier at 3,210 meters above sea level to the stage for two of the currently greatest Bollywood stars, Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor, has been repurposed. You are the main actor in the most expensive Bollywood film of all time. In "Saaho", so the title of the Action films, of course, no opulently staged Love song are missing and that is exactly why the Stubai Glacier was chosen as part of the backdrop. In the video for the song "Enni Soni" the actors show their soft side at the TOP OF TYROL. In contrast to most Bollywood songs, “Enni Soni” does without big special effects and glitter. The scenery and the leading actress Shraddha Kapoor stand in her yellow dress in the centre.

The song, which was traditionally released as a teaser before it officially opened in theaters, is already more than 67 million times has been accessed (as of September 3, 2019) The premiere the film took place on August 30th and it will initially be shown in four languages ​​(Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam). A version with English subtitles is also to come.



Photos: screenshots youtube; T-Series; Saaho - Enni Soni song; www.youtube.com/watch