How do you spend your summer

Translation of "Where do you spend" in English

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Where are you spending because the day?
Where are you spending usually your vacation?
As we are about to: Where are you spending Christmas and New Years Eve?
As we are short before: Where will you celebrate Christmas and the New Year?
Where are you spending most of the time when you're not working?
Risk: Where do you spend because your christmas?
Where are you spending the honeymoon?

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I asked him, where you Thanksgiving spend, and first our young hero sought excuses that were not enough for me, and then he told me.
Well, I was wondering where you were for Thanksgiving, and at first young Seacrest hemmed and hawed, which wasn't sufficient, so he finally told me.
Then do you spend your last moments with your mother.
Are you spending Time in this area or ...
Have you been here, around this area for a while, or ...
I guess do you spend like your friends quite a bit of time online.
How much time do you spend on Facebook?
Worst case do you spend Have a nice evening MANAGEMENT OF THE POLICE with a wonderful man.
At the worst you spend a great night with a swell guy.
Are you spending a lot of time here with friends from Ecuador?
Then do you spend the summer in Metropolis.
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