What is Adobe Shockwave Player used for?

Frequently asked questions about Shockwave Player

Q: How can I troubleshoot installation problems on Mac OS X?

A:To install Shockwave Player, log on with administrator privileges. An error can occur if you try to install Shockwave Player without administrator privileges. A previous installer that incorrectly resets permissions in the root folder can sometimes cause permissions issues. For detailed information on how to resolve this issue, see Unable to install Shockwave Player on Mac OS X.

Q: How can I troubleshoot installation problems on Windows XP?

A: For more information, see Troubleshooting Shockwave Player on Windows.

Q: An error message states that a restart is required. How do I fix this problem?

A: To resolve this issue, follow the steps in the “Computer needs to restart” error message after you install Shockwave.

Q: How can I fix most Adobe Shockwave Player issues?

A:A version of Shockwave Player is preinstalled in some Internet browsers. Sometimes damage to the installed Shockwave Player can prevent it from upgrading to the latest Shockwave Player version. You can fix almost any Adobe Shockwave Player issue by following these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of your internet browser. Download the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox from their respective websites. If a newer version is available, download the installer to your desktop. Do not run the installer yet.
  2. Use the Add / Remove Programs function in the Control Panel to remove Shockwave.
  3. If you have downloaded the installation program for a newer version of your browser, start the installation program and follow the instructions to install the software.
  4. Reinstall Shockwave Player.

Q: How can I improve Shockwave Player's performance?

In most cases, a faster computer will play Shockwave content faster. With a high-speed modem, ISDN, or T1 connection, it will take less time to download Shockwave content. Only run the web browser when viewing Shockwave content. Increase the browser cache to 10 MB.

Q: How can I check if Shockwave Player is working?

Check your Shockwave Player here. The two films show how you can tell if you have Flash and Shockwave Player installed. The version numbers of both players are displayed in the movie. To find out the latest version of Shockwave Player, go to the Shockwave download page.

Q: How do I get a version of Shockwave Player for my web browser?

Officially supported browsers by Adobe are listed in the Shockwave system requirements. Although the functionality depends on your browser, you can install Adobe Shockwave Player directly from Adobe's Shockwave Player Download Center. You can find details or help on the website of your browser provider.

Q: How do I create Shockwave content?

Shockwave content is created using Adobe Director. For details on building rich multimedia applications and web content with Director, see the Director product page.

Q: I need help with Director. Where can i get it?

A:As customers take advantage of the new features and efficiencies in Creative Cloud, Adobe Director is no longer sold and supported.