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30 Days Celery Juice (Anthony William) - A Review!

Everyone is currently talking about celery juice and the miracle effects the juice is supposed to cause. Anthony William really caused a hype there. Now I wanted to know and I gave myself a challenge and treated myself to a celery juice (almost) every morning for 30 days. What happened to me I would like to give you a short experience report on my celery juice challenge.

Every beginning is full of motivation

In the beginning I was very motivated, as is probably anyone who sets themselves such a task. Every morning I started my Angel Juicer and diligently let a portion of celery stalk through.

The taste of the juice took some getting used to, but I got used to the salty vegetable taste very quickly. After just a few days, it was completely normal for me to drink a glass of it in the morning. There was always something between 300 and 400 milliliters of liquid. I never measured it exactly.

The glass was always on my desk and within about an hour I sipped it empty. I couldn't have drunk it much faster, especially at the beginning.

If you can't get the juice down at all, I recommend removing the leaves first and only juicing the stems. The leaves contain a lot of healthy bitter substances, but you can taste them too. Without leaves, celery juice is much more digestible and not as intense for "beginners".

I had to find my own way

After the first week, I had a form of depression. Even if the Angel Juicer is really not one of those juicers that are particularly difficult to clean, it is simply not without effort. It was too much for me to reactivate the thing every morning and squeeze the juice fresh.

So it came about that I treated myself to a celery juice "almost" every morning, because now it was over for the time being. There was no juice for three days. It was Sunday anyway and I couldn't buy any new bars, nor did I have any in the fridge, so I just left it.

But after three days I wanted to continue. It shouldn't become something like that, what you start and then don't finish anyway. I wanted to drink celery juice for 30 days, then I'll do it now!

However, I have changed my approach a little. Instead of freshly squeezing my celery juice every morning, I always kept a supply for 3 to 4 days and stored it in bottles in the refrigerator. I don't know if this is still Anthony William's mind, but for me it was the only possible way to keep it up. Lo and behold, from that moment things went well.

What does the celery juice do to you

But now we come to the really important part of the challenge: What does the celery juice do to you? After 30 days I can take stock for you. First of all, it wasn't a drastic experience that turned my whole life upside down. In fact, it did something to me - very slowly and insidiously. At first I didn't even notice, but by the end the difference was clear. But one after the other…

The Sellereisaft has been my constant companion over the last few days. Now I actually drink it with pleasure; I now like it. There we are also with the first conclusion of my celery juice experience report:

My sense of taste has changed in the last few weeks. I realized that I was less and less interested in hearty and fatty foods. There was also less and less sweets over the years. In the beginning everything was still the same, the celery juice was an "addition" to normal food. After about two to three weeks, the meals sometimes looked completely different.

There was always plenty of raw food with the snack (and it was also eaten!). In general, I once again had a much more plant-based diet and that was good for me.

At some point breakfast was just the celery juice and then there was nothing again until noon. But that was enough. The juice made me sufficiently full. I didn't feel like having breakfast any more.

Here we are with the second conclusion:

I felt like I lost a few pounds. Since I haven't weighed myself beforehand, I can't give any kilograms, but I can feel that it has become a little less. That wasn't my goal at all. I just ate what I wanted to eat without being subject to any restrictions.

Conclusion - 30 days of celery juice

After 30 days of celery juice I feel a few pounds less on the scales and my eating habits have changed too. At the end of the day there was only juice for breakfast and the other meals have gradually become "healthier" over time. All in all, it is really remarkable what the juice has achieved in just 30 days. I would not have thought before.

I mean, celery juice tastes really good and I will keep it. It will probably not continue to exist every morning, but I will definitely not banish it from my life right away - on the contrary, the celery juice was good for me! Thanks for that 😊

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